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Consumer Behaviour in the Consumer Electronics Market - Essay Example

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Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 1.0 Introduction The growth of electronics in the current market is one which is offering opportunities on a global level. The available electronics are able to provide a different outlook for those that are interested in the market…
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Consumer Behaviour in the Consumer Electronics Market
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Download file to see previous pages The company has recently released the Walkman MP3 player Z series. This particular product is able to combine several elements of the past MP3 players into a new alternative for music while providing the next step to listening to music that many can enjoy within the market. The concept of ILaz is one which developed from the main philosophy of providing new and innovative products based on entertainment needs. It was recently established, specifically with the basis of using the new ideologies of engineers to enhance the products and to create unique electronic features which could be introduced on a global basis. The founding ideology is to create innovative products and technical features that enhance entertainment. The mission is to offer high end and newer electronics to the community which will establish entertainment and offer a different use with better alternatives for leisure activities. The vision is to offer several types of electronic products with a strong reputation for quality and enjoyment. The MP3 player which is provided uses some of the technologies which have been produced by other engineers, such as Sony, and enhances these with newer features that provide more alternatives for listening. The meaning of entertainment devices is inclusive of music, video, photography and other digital products that are specific to the entertainment realm. By having this approach, there is the ability to specialize in high – end products that need different resolutions and alternatives for better listening. The product which is offered by Ilaz is the Z-Series Walkman MP3 player. This is an upgrade to the MP3 players offered by other companies, specifically because of the approach to upgrade technology for better use. The main approach is to offer music in the digital, handheld device that has a clear and distinct sound and which has higher resolution with videos for those that are looking at entertainment through the player. The technology used for better sounds and resolution of video includes digital sound enhancement, noise cancelling, clear stereo and clear bass technologies. The ideology is combined with creating an experience with sound, video and other applications. The system has also incorporated content transfer software, which offers music, video and photo that can all be added into the product. There is the ability to have more transfers, automatic options for downloading as well as updates and the support of digital rights management. There is also a management system incorporated, which consists of sorting files, plugging and transferring files and moving from one platform to another, such as from the PC to iTunes. The product has also incorporated options of moving from different players for better playing. The MP3 system incorporates Bluetooth technology and some of the latest looks and feels of the new device. The product is based on the latest ILaz Z – Series walkman; however, it has enhanced features to offer even more compatibility for both music and video (Sony, 2011). The concepts which have been added to the MP3 player, as well as the popularity of the product can be looked into in terms of the UK market. In general, the UK market has increased in the number that is looking at the different digital players, as seen in graph 1. Graph 1: Increase in UK Electronics Market (National Statistics, 2007). This is combined with the alterations with MP3 players which include 26% of individuals age 15 and over owning the player. It is also ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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