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Management Services: the Acts of Retailing and Channeling - Essay Example

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In this essay, we will perform retail and channel management analysis courtesy of the WH Smith Retail Company. W H Smith is an England based retail company established back in 1792 by Henry Walton Smith. William Henry Smith, who was the eldest son, inherited the company after the death of his parents…
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Management Services: the Acts of Retailing and Channeling
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Extract of sample "Management Services: the Acts of Retailing and Channeling"

Download file to see previous pages Ross (2009) & Philip, (2009) states that marketing is the process by which different parties engage in an exchange of goods and services. A market comprises of buyers and sellers. Retailing and channeling are both concepts commonly used in marketing. According to Bhatia, (2008), retail refers to the process of selling goods and providing services from a single premise directly to consumers. Retail exercises entail the provision of goods to end users in small quantities. On the other hand, channeling refers to the methods or procedures through which a producer or a service provider moves the goods to the end user. Typical channel marketing methods used include direct selling or selling through a reseller. The act of retailing comes in when a producer delivers goods to consumers through a reseller. Delivery of goods from the production premises to the market goes through some stages involving different parties. The typical steps of a supply chain start with the delivery of goods from the producer to a wholesaler. A wholesaler buys goods from the producer in large quantities only to sell them to the retailers. A retailer comes in at the end of a supply chain where it sells goods to consumers in small quantities. A retail store may be involved is some channeling activities, which may include delivery of goods from their main store to other small outlets or to consumer environments. In the modern business arena, the retail industry is growing at a tremendous pace. Recent commerce statistics shows that the retail industry will hit a $13 206 billion by the year 2015. Just like any other business and marketing concepts, the acts of retailing and channeling require management services. This brings us to the context of retail and channel management. All management activities involve the process of planning, organizing, leading, directing and controlling the involved processes. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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