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Transition and Loss. How Managers can understand the Issue - Essay Example

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Transition is a passage or movement from one state to another for instance from adolescence to adulthood. It could be the period taken by something to change from one state to another…
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Transition and Loss. How Managers can understand the Issue
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Download file to see previous pages When applied to and industry it refers to when a company has its expenses being more than the revenues obtained and is usually the opposite of profits. Transition could lead to loss and loss is also likely to result to transition. For instance managers who frequently experience loss in their transactions are likely to opt for another positive measure hence the transition process that the industry will undergo. On the other hand they could adopt a transition that brings loss and would force them to revert back to the previous practices (Roland 2004, 90). This forces most organization to re-think their moves as some maybe impact positively, while others will impact negatively and are likely to leave a permanent impact on them. Not only is it evident in marketing organization but also in the social care and health measures that we undertake. For instance, some health care therapies undertaken leave them with poor health that affects the rest of their life span and they have to live with it an indication of loss. As for social care, most western countries take the aged to the old homes where they expect them to be taken care of not putting in mind of the impact it has on them psychologically. This explains why most of them tend to die earlier as they are denied family love. Death appears to be a social loss in this context due to the transition they undertook in favor of their aged members. Technology has impacted mostly on transition and losses experienced in the society (Peng 2000, 76). Most tend to adopt it with the intention of inducing innovations in their work place or even daily activities. However some of the technological advances adopted losses that were initially experienced are likely to be corrected by technology adopted. This indicates that loss is likely to lead to transition and when adopted wrongly the transition would still bring about loss. However not all transitions lead to loss nor do all losses require transition. Critical evaluation of a transition process and the benefits that accompany it are likely not to result to loss. A move to adopt a technological communication system in the work place as opposed to the initial use of messengers is a positive transition as there is quick transfer of information. Challenges for Managers The transition management program helps institutions to be more successful through the adoption of more innovative projects into their programmes that make them to be competitive enough. However the more innovative an institution is the more it stands the risk of losses as it brings with it complexions in management. This may not be different among managers trying to help their groups to deal with transition and loss in the health and social care sector. This is attributed to the fact that the service users expect that the moment there is an innovation then they should see the changes immediately yet in some cases this is likely to be a gradual process. As for managers, they will expect the service user to be able to employ and effectively use the services being offered. This may not be the case since, some individuals are likely to be reluctant to changes being implemented hence taking a long period of time with which comes losses. For instance any changes that may bring about transition in the health sector may not go down well with some individuals who would find it to be a risk to their future health (Roland 2004, 78). The same applies to transition taking place in social care where to some extent it is likely to interfere with their social ties. It is likely that most individuals will not adopt the transition process hence the loss (Peng 2000, 56). This becomes a challenge for managers as they may sometime be forced to adopt other measures that will convince service users to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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