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Cloud Atlas By: David Mitchell - Essay Example

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Cloud Atlas Introduction “Cloud Atlas” is a novel written by an English writer David Mitchell in 2004, and has different stories interconnected to each other. The novel has six stories interlaced with each other. And these stories occur at different time and space but get intricately related to each other as the stories get narrated…
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Cloud Atlas By: David Mitchell
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Download file to see previous pages The stories are interlocked which each other and also could be read as a separate ones, and this the visible uniqueness and beauty of this book. Summary of the Novel The Pacific Journal of Adam Ewing: The time period of this story is set in the 1850s, and location is in the Pacific Ocean. The story is all about the voyage of an American person, Adam Ewing who is traveling back home from a remote location called Chatham Islands which is located in east part of New Zealand. His journey is recorded in a journal and explains about the tribe of the island and events he faced during his presence there. The character of the next story finds this journal on the book shelf and then second story starts by this event. Letters from Zedelghem : In this story the Robert Furbisher an English man, finds the journal of Ewing in a book shelf. He is a person who is aloof from his family and do not have a worthy behavior. He correspond the story of Ewing to his lover Sixsmith who is also his friend. Half-Lives: The First Luisa Rey Mystery. : In this third story we meet Sixsmith who is in an older stage and she encounters Ray, whose occupation is a detective in a lift... In this story the Sixsmith dies and while investigating her death Ray finds the letter of Furbisher written to Sixsmith years ago c containing the story of Ewing. In an attempt to end the corruption of a nuclear plant, Ray dies. As the story moves the next character Cavendish arrives in the scene and later reader finds out that the story of Ray is a script for his novel The Ghastly Ordeal of Timothy Cavendish: This story is set in the 21st century in United Kingdom and we understand the Ray is just a character in the book of Hillary V. Hush. Timothy Cavendish is a publisher and is attempting to escape from the brothers of his client who is a gangster and spending time in prison. The next character is said to be watching the dramatic version of the story of Cavendish. An Orison of Sonmi~451: This fifth tale take place in Korea, and the main character in this is a cloned identity of the name Sonmi – 451.This clone is a server in the eatery named Papa's song and is being interrogated before her execution ordeal is passed. The following character is watching the tale of sonmi in a device which is supposedly to be invented in future technological world. Sloosha's Crossin' an' Ev'rythin' After : This story which is set in future where Sonmi is perceived as a goddess by the tribes of Zachry .This tribe is existing after the fall of peak technologically civilized world and projects a different story altogether. After the sixth story we get to know the narration can be reversed and the end of the end of the story can be found as just the beginning. Integrating Forces in the Novel 1)A Global Element : Here the first story begins with the journey details of an American man Ewing from Island of New Zealand. Then the second story starts as the character Furbisher, who is an English man discovering this journey of Ewing and passing it on to his lover Sixsmith .Here we can see a mention of America, New Zealand and English background in the story. The author is trying to add people from different culture to his story in order to give a global outlook to it. By giving this kind of various cultural elements to this story, readers can get a sense of globalization and united feeling. Even the fifth ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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