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Some academics and opinion leaders have considered 'gatewatching' and 'produsage' the driving forces of Web 2.0. With re - Essay Example

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Web 2.0 The Internet is just a world passing around notes in a classroom. - Jon Stewart With the dawn of the 21st century, technology and computers have started becoming an inherent part and parcel of a human being’s life. With a gradual ease for almost the entire population on the planet towards the use of computers and the internet, the World Wide Web has become a portal for the sharing of resources and information in collaboration with a number of application from all around the world…
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Some academics and opinion leaders have considered gatewatching and produsage the driving forces of Web 2.0. With re
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Extract of sample "Some academics and opinion leaders have considered 'gatewatching' and 'produsage' the driving forces of Web 2.0. With re"

Download file to see previous pages (What Is Web 2.0) Many academicians all over the world have started doing an in depth analysis on the concept of the Web 2.0 and have found that ‘gatewatching’ and ‘produsage’ have become the driving forces of this web generated collection of applications. These terms have been further explained within this paper with respect to other spheres like technological convergence, collective intelligence and democratization and how this has helped to further propagate the practice of making use of the Web 2.0. Gatewatching is basically a term used to refer to the process whereby which people tend to post different interesting stories and pieces of news all over the internet. This is all furnished from time to time on different websites and people can gain access to the same through search engines by typing in keywords. It is a very helpful and integral part of Web 2.0 because it has helped a large number of people in searching and finding information as per their needs with respect to reliable sources all over the internet. This is a practice that has been followed in the field of citizen journalism as well. It is also known as ‘gatekeeping’ news because anyone can post absolutely anything with respect to any topic of concern and that is why it has helped in creating a number of controversies all over the world as well. For example, in recent news, the founder of Wikileaks, Julian Assange was arrested for having leaked out vital information and news stories through such ways of citizen journalism; Wikileaks is a website whereby which news and stories are posted anonymously by reporters and people all over the world. Anyone can come ahead and submit information of importance to other people, and once it has been verified by the department at the website, it is published for the public in order to read and verify details regarding a certain topic at hand. (Gatewatching and Citizen Journalism) There are a number of communities and groups that carry out gatewatching as well, instead of individual people having to submit their information elsewhere on to different websites. They help to offer a much better perspective along with a forum of discussion from people all around the world as to whatever has been happening or whatever has been posted. Axel Bruns, along with two other of his co workers, began the Gatewatching blog where the website is run with the help of information that they receive from all over the world with respect to important events happening in Australia, and now recently, everywhere. They have also, through the website, tried to promote the concept of citizen journalism, by taking on the task of reporting important events taking place during the Australian elections from the late 2008 and onwards. Such websites are very informative and provide opinions with respect to whatever has been happening, for the benefit of the common people who might not be aware of what has been going on in the news in their surroundings. They help people formulate their own opinions and not get swayed by a certain stance on a certain subject of matter or interest. Thus, it does help a great in bringing about democracy within a country. In countries like China where the government will even take the required steps, like it ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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