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Paper of fact how the death penalty costs more than life in prison - Essay Example

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Clients Name Name of Professor Name of Class Date The High Cost of the Death Penalty Introduction In 1972, the death penalty was stricken from the available tools of the prosecution in all states by the U. S. Supreme Court which decided that it was a form of punishment that was cruel and beyond that which was allowed by the United States Constitution…
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Paper of fact how the death penalty costs more than life in prison
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Download file to see previous pages Thre had been 550 executions carried out since the reinstitution of the death penalty (Radelet and Borg 43). The death penalty is considered to be a method of deterrence, the primary reason for the argument for the death penalty in the 1970s centered on this debate. However, this has been denounced as a viable excuse for the death penalty as it is rarely considered as part of the cost/benefit internal discussion of an offender during the commission of a crime that would warrant a death penalty verdict. According to Radelet and Akers, as related in Radelet and Borg, “ in a recent survey of current and former presidents of three professional associations of criminologists (the American Society of Criminology, the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences, and the Law and Society Association), 85% of the experts agreed that the empirical research on deterrence has shown that the death penalty never has been, is not, and never could be superior to long prison sentences as a deterrent to criminal violence” (45). Therefore, deterrence is not a viable argument for the death penalty. The second argument for the death penalty is incapacitation. ...
life in prison went on to commit a murder later on, and ironically, this figure turned out to be the same percentage of those 630 offenders who were discovered to be innocent of the crimes for which they had been originally sentenced to death (46). One way in which the death penalty provides context is in consideration of the nature of law and race relations. The statistics show that since the new laws have been put into place, the death penalty is far more likely to be put into place by an average of three to four times more often when the victim is white. There is a less bias when the offender is concerned, but more often it is within the racial nature of the victim (Radelet and Borg 48). The nature of law, unfortunately, has shown that race is a defining factor in the treatment of an offender, whether it be through their own race or through that of their victim. Because law is subjectively applied, race has an effect in the decisions of the judicial branch of government. In addition, it has been very rare that anyone of any means has been sentenced to death, making the death sentence relative to the poverty of the offender (Geraghty 209). However, the best argument that has come into existence, one that covers a vast number of issues in regard to the use of the death penalty as a punitive measure, is that concerning the financial costs of the issue. One of the reasons that is often given, by a factor of 11%, in support of the death penalty is because there is a belief that a death sentence is cheaper than supporting a life sentence of incarceration. However, the estimates in 1988 for the overall costs of an execution were 3.2 million, with it costing a mere 600,000 for life in prison (Radelet and Borg 50). While these figures are more than likely very different 20 ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Death Penalty and Life Imprisonment occurrences, circumstantial evidence. Thus, the Death sentence is appropriate in ridding the society of people committing capital offences, in spite of doing injustice to some. However, life in prison as a sentence is the viable option as compared to the death sentence as delivers more and reduces the chances of exposing innocent people to risk of dying ( This is because; life in prison is swift, severe and certain providing justice to the victims of the committed crime. In addition, another reason for the support of death penalty is the cost that the...
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..., they face the bargaining stage. During this stage, individuals are ready to do anything just to delay their death. Most victims cry out to God to extend their life, and if they were granted a second chance, they would modify their lifestyle. According to the psychiatrist at this stage, the victim is aware that he will die, but he or she is trying to buy himself more time. Bargaining for life does not change the outcome or provide any possible solution in the matter of death. Due to the failure of a possible solution to their problem individuals, find they are depressed. According to research during the depression stage individuals are hopeless in...
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... a murderer’s life devalues human life. Evidently, they have never had their car stolen and don’t understand the example or they believe that the murderer’s life is more valuable than the victim. Taking away criminals’ freedom is the only way of showing how much we value freedom. Protestant and Catholic philosophy have consistently confirmed the right of a fair government to end the life of convicted murderers. The Sixth Commandment in original Hebrew reads not ‘thou shall not kill’ but ‘thou shall not murder.’ The Torah, Judaism’s chief source of ethical reference, is definite in its support of the death penalty. The only law repeated in all five books of the Torah is the condemnation of murderers to death (Prager, 2001... 1973. ...
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... by Dave Coop an anti-death penalty advocate, through his Web site stated that: A United Nations survey of research findings, conducted in 1988 and updated in 1996, found no evidence of the death penalty being a more effective deterrent than other penalties -- Canada abolished the death penalty in 1976, and Canadas murder rate dropped 43% in 24 years, from 3.09 in 1975 to 1.76 in 1999. Thus “We could cite basic facts, such as, that there is no evidence that the death penalty lowers the murder rate more than the threat of life without parole” (Coop, David. “Anti Death Penalty Information”. ). These facts however prove nothing because the rate of crime was never dependent upon... and rulers were made. The...
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