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Revelation and the Apocalyptic Tradition, Jesus' Letters to the seven Churches, visions and signs from heaven - Essay Example

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The Book of Revelation is important for biblical scholars as it provides a happy hunting ground for proof of texts in Christian extreme evangelical and fundamentalist group and appeared as polemical text for political use (Court, 7)…
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Revelation and the Apocalyptic Tradition, Jesus Letters to the seven Churches, visions and signs from heaven
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Extract of sample "Revelation and the Apocalyptic Tradition, Jesus' Letters to the seven Churches, visions and signs from heaven"

Download file to see previous pages Bible says the ‘Jesus sent seven letters from heaven’ through John to seven churches on earth. John wrote the letters as said by Jesus to us (Letters to the Seven Churches of Asia, Revelation 2 & 3). All seven letters follow the same pattern and refer to actual historical circumstances in those churches in the first century that first praises the church, then criticizes for their work, giving them warning and finally encouraging to continue their good work (Harris, Ch.20).The Revelation was a special vision given by Jesus to John which interprets the history which had happen and reveals the prophecy that will happen (Letters to the Seven Churches of Asia, Revelation 2 & 3). Jesus, while instructing John to write the letters, appeared to John showing signs like double edged sword, seven stars, keys, seven lamps. Harris (20) interprets the symbols as referring to the events in first century; future predictions which will take place or occur at a particular place and time. The seven lamps symbolize seven churches, where the letters were to be sent. The seven churches were Ephesus, Smyrna, Pergamum, Thyatira, Sardis, Philadelphia and Laodicea. The seven letters explain the significance to doing good and benefits of overcoming the bad. Referring to the first letter written to Ephesus, Jesus writes to the angel ‘announcer’ of the church ‘people’ of Ephesus expressing his happiness over their hard work and patience for not giving up their faith but criticizes the same church for not showing eager love as in the past. But the same does not prevail now and threatens to steal the lamp from the church if eager love does not exist and promises fruit from tree of life for overcoming the obstacle (The Letter to the Church at Ephesus). Second letter written to Smyrna reveals true love of God to the church. Jesus writes that ‘He is the first and He is the last’ and praises the church of Smyrna for their faith in Christ despite horrible torture carried out by the Roman and Israelis for not following their God. Jesus criticizes those persecuting the people of church and assures that the people who will face the atrocities and win, will be crown of life. This refers to a place in heaven with real riches. The letter also refers to the second death which will not die which means ‘the lake of fire’ i.e. our soul which will never die (Revelation 2: Jesus’ Letters to Seven Churches). The letter to Pergamum explains the true faith of Christianity. As usual letter starts praising the people for their faith in God but criticizes them for following two religions, eat food sacrificed to idols, comprise with religious duties. Jesus warns them to accurate the doctrine of Christianity and threatens to come to church with double edged swords which are His ‘words’. While encouraging, Jesus ensures to give them MANNA, special bread from heaven and a name of white stone (Letters to the Seven Churches of Asia, Revelation 2 & 3). In its letter to Thyatira, Jesus appears in eyes with fire and shining bronze feet praising the church for its increasing greatness of deeds, faith, service to people, love while warning them not to follow Jezebel, the lady who is spreading sex sins and destroying churches. The letter reveals that Jesus has patience and power look through the hearts of people to inspect their soul and encourages the church to follow true religion and the one who overcome will receive God (Letters to the S ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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