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Question Number One “I’m Just a Bill” was an animated, and scripted way of informing voters, and others on how a bill becomes a law. However, Jack Shelton’s, I’m Just a "Bill" missed many things about the process of making a bill into law. "I'm Just a Bill" missed the part that it takes two thirds of the Senate votes, and two thirds of the votes in the House of Representatives to override a veto…
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Final Essay
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Download file to see previous pages There also needs to be a strong majority on certain bills before the bills can go to the White House to be signed by the president, and become law. There needs to be a majority in both houses before the bill can go to the White House to be signed into law by the president. “I’m Just a Bill” did not inform viewers of the time it would take for a bill to go from a thought, to a bill, to become a law. Sometimes, Congress votes on a bill because of its urgency. Some bills are less importance to national security, and the safety of Americans. “I’m Just a Bill” did not inform viewers it could take less than 30 days for a bill to pass through Congress. Sometimes, like with the United States of America Patriot Act Congress put all other bills on hold, and passed the United States of America Patriot Act within 30 days of September 11, 2001. “I’m Just a Bill” says it takes months, and years for Congress to debate over a bill. Congress has a rule that all bills introduced during one session of Congress need to be voted on before the end of that session. Congress does not allow bills to sit around from session to session. If someone watches “I’m Just a Bill” this person is led on to think that it takes more than several months for a bill to go from a thought, to a bill and to a law. If someone watches “I’m Just a Bill” this person may think it could take years for a bill to be discussed in Congress. Question Number Two When Saunders, Abramowitz, and Williamson discussed the level of sophistication as it pertains to the study of voters from 1996 the data in the table appears to prove the hypothesis by Saunders, Abramowitz, and Williamson. However, Saunders, Abramowitz, and Williamson received the data for the table using data from the voting machines. The data in the table; therefore would be inconclusive. Every district has the socioeconomic status. The voting machines can count mixed tickets; therefore the data reflects the amount of mixed tickets were cast in the 1996 election. However, some sophisticated voters may live in underprivileged areas such as an urban area. Some sophisticated voters live in areas with a lower socioeconomic status. Saunders, Abramowitz, and Williamson came to the decision about their hypothesis based solely on the voting machines, and the socioeconomic status of the area where the votes were cast. So Saunders, Abramowitz, and Williamson theorized solely on the socioeconomic status of the mixed tickets. Because Saunders, Abramowitz, and Williamson did not speak to the voters about the level of sophistication of the voters the results in the table could be inconclusive. If Saunders, Abramowitz, and Williamson had conducted exit polls, or even a Gallop poll, the results in the table may not be inconclusive. Because sophisticated voters live in urban areas one cannot conclude that Saunders, Abramowitz, and Williamson’s hypothesis is accurate. If one concluded that the hypothesis were accurate, one would conclude that only unsophisticated people live in areas with a lower socioeconomic status. This would also say that only sophisticated people live in areas with a high socioeconomic status. Certainly, many people who live in areas with a higher social economic status of education, and median income and are not sophisticated. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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