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New studies now show that social background determines pupils' success. If as it is suggested, 'Class Does Matter', does it - Essay Example

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Class Does Matter Thesis: Recent studies reveal that social background determines pupils' success. It is as if saying, ‘Class Does Matter’, but does it shows that UK government is heading in the wrong direction? Outline: Introduction Class does matter UK Government’s direction Work Cited Social Class Social classes are cultural or economic arrangements of the groups in society…
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New studies now show that social background determines pupils success. If as it is suggested, Class Does Matter, does it
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"New studies now show that social background determines pupils' success. If as it is suggested, 'Class Does Matter', does it"

Download file to see previous pages Each class may be further sub divided into smaller of these classes (e.g. educational).The most basic of all still lies between powerful and powerlessness. (Robert 1975, Turner 1990) According to Encyclopedia Britannica social class is also known as the class, a group of such people within any society that possess similar socioeconomic status. Besides being vital in social theory, the concept of social class as a collection of individuals who share similar economic circumstances it is been widely use in social mobility. According to Judith Martin There are three social classes: upper middle class, middle class, and lower middle class. Today social Class determines pupil’s success It is true that social class determines people success. Children belonging to disadvantage areas suffer the most say the report by Liberal Democrats. It further sheds light on the low probability of poorest children becoming doctors, senior civil servants lawyers and financiers. The social mobility commission highlights the importance of this mobility agenda and share its investment in this sector, however still the working class children’ suffer the most. ...
(Walton, 2010) Last year (in 2008) educational sector report showed only 35% of students eligible for free school meals got five or more C above GCSE grades, against 63% of students from wealthier backgrounds. From early 80’s to late 90s, the proportion of poor children graduating from Universities has risen only by 3%, against 26% from wealthier backgrounds, the Liberal Democrat report says. The chair commissioner Mr. Martin Narey, CEO of children's charity Barnardo's, says: "Inconsiderate of progress in decreasing child poor background and heavy investment in education, a student’s chances of success in UK today are still greatly dependent on the earnings and background of its parents." (Political News, 2009) Education has been tried in older days to remove the class differences arising due to the financial differences. However, by 2000 education subject to the market principles had become rather a commodity and a competitive business rather than polishing up for the democratic society. (Tomlinson, S, 2005 under Education in a Post Welfare Society, p.1) The Social mobility commission advises ministers to donate more sums to schools with the poorest students and to teachers who working in such "a society of consistent inequality". Moreover, it suggests allowing child tax credits only to families with low-income background and these loans should non-bearing interest such as interest-free loans. This would help widening poor student's access to higher qualification such as medicine, civil service, media, law, and the armed forces. And an institution of higher education justifies the title when it promotes educational processes of proper kind (Barnett, R 1990 under The Idea of Higher Education, p.202). The committee ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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