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How has the study of literature changed in the last century? Literature written in a particular time is always defined by the people of that time. No matter what the century is, literature would always be written and appreciated…
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How has the study of literature changed over the last 100 years
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"'How has the study of literature changed over the last 100 years'"

Download file to see previous pages Literature had and always will define the life style of people in any nation at all. It used to be written by people who felt for the society, who wanted to improve the society or define the society’s good points and bad points. They were also the ones understood the need of the society. The people of the societies, usually American, and English in general were the ones who used to like parties, and social dinners. They usually were people who lived in the countryside, were ruled by the kings and queens, fought wars on the horses, were pirates, sailed in ships for long journeys lasting for days, liked romance, long walks on the grass in the evening, horse-riding, playing the piano, writing and reading poetry, and dancing. They were also the people who ballet danced. Quite a handful was able to go to educational institutions – colleges and universities. War was prevalent in most of the countries and continents over the capture of land power and wealth. These wars were fought on horse- backs, with swords and spears, and took days and days on end to end. The people who went to war had little or no hope of returning. And the people who stayed back awaited their return without hope. There was no contact or correspondence during that time-frame. People had to wait days for a letter to arrive. And to feel connected many wrote and read literature which described to them, battles and sea, and different places, just so they would feel connected and belonging. All these events gave rise to the fashion of writing and reading literature and poetry, ads the society was taken over by pain, loss, hurt, wait, anticipation , romance, tranquility, so almost of the accounts were written down so people would entertain themselves in time of loneliness and pain. These account of literature and poetry defined it all to them. The lonely housewives and the growing up teenage girls used to read romance novels and it used to help them fantasize about a prince charming that would come one day and lift them off their feet and sweep them away with him. The sailors used to study literature on their time away from home so that they didn’t feel the absence of home and their wives. All this was provided to them via literature. With the passage of time the people who went to the universities and colleges discovered new ways of communication. The telephone was discovered and was becoming common-place. People now did not have to wait for days o talk to loved ones. Literature was now only left to describe places and romance and battles. Soon the telephone turned into hand held cell-phones, and alongside, the computer technology came into being. People relied less and less on literature to tell them about battles. The computer became abundant and the people found it easy to what videos from all around the world, instead of reading them from a book. Social parties were growing lesser as the class of rich people started to fall in number and blended into the middle class. People did not go for long wars, too far off places. Wars were also not fought on horse backs and certainly not with any swords and knives, but instead with nuclear numbs. These were, very literally, machines of death. So much so that people did not like to write or read about it. Literature was now only limited to romance. By the turn of the century, electronic media became the soul of the people. Whatever was required was found either on a computer, or on a high-speed internet cable, or in a smart-phone. People who liked to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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('How Has the Study of Literature Changed over the Last 100 years' Essay)
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