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Music in The Baroque Period - Essay Example

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The author of this essay examines the forms and stylistic feature of the baroque period and gives us examples of the most popular and important composers of those times…
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Music in The Baroque Period
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"Music in The Baroque Period"

Download file to see previous pages Human beings have songs designated for every occasion. Sometimes, it is a mark of ecstasy and sometimes it becomes a pedigree of classicism. There are innumerable genres of music across the globe which has evolved in different ages at different parts of the world. One such classical genre of music is Baroque music and it refers to a precise style of European classical music which tentatively extends from the period 1600 to that of 1750 (Jamini, D., “Harmony And Composition: Basics to Intermediate”). The era is followed by the renaissance era and the classical era follows the Baroque period. The word “baroque” has evolved from the Portuguese word “barroco” which stands for the meaning “misshapen pearl” (Clark, S., “Music Theory and Natural Order from the Renaissance to the Early Twentieth Century”). The meaning of the word stands for a negative description pertaining to ornate and heavily ornamented music of the period which was listened and performed. Also, it is being studied at a wider scale. The music from the baroque period is instrumental in composing a major portion of the canon pertaining to classical music. General Information Regarding the Music from the Baroque Period The music from the baroque period can be chronologically divided into three neat eras namely, Early Baroque Music extending from 1600 to 1654, Middle Baroque Music extending from 1654 to 1707 and Late Baroque Music extending from the years 1680 to 1750. The prominent composers of the Baroque era who have pioneered the music include the names of the illuminating luminaries like Johann Sebastian Bach, George Frideric Handel, Alessandro Scarlatti, Antonio Vivaldi, Georg Philipp Telemann, Jean-Baptiste Lully, Arcangelo Corelli, Claudio Monteverdi, Jean-Philippe Rameau and Henry Purcell (Arton, “Baroque Composers and Musicians”). The major technical transition that took place in the music of the Baroque period is that it witnessed the development of the functional tonality. During the Baroque period, the composers and performers started initiating wider and elaborate musical ornamentation. Major changes were also incorporated in the notation and its procedure and major development in playing new instrumental techniques were also evolved in the area of music during this period. Music during the Baroque period considerably and consistently expanded size, range, and the complex features of the instrumental performance. At the same time, the establishment of opera as a genre of music also took place in the world of classical European music. Interestingly, many musical terms pertaining to the technical and instrumental aspects of the music from this period are used elaborately even in the contemporary times. History of the Music of Baroque Period To begin with the history of the music from Baroque, it is evident to discuss the history of the name in the first place and then a brief overview of the three major eras in the music history and finally to culminate in to the transition of the music form the Baroque period to the Classical era preceding it and its influence after 1760. Music of the Baroque Period from 1600 to1654 To begin with the trajectory of music in the Baroque period, one must focus on the division of the Baroque period and Renaissance period. Baroque period began in Italy along with the formation of Folrentine Camerata. Florentine Camerata is referred to a group of humanist which comprised of poets and musicians along with ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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