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Ways to Alleviate Poverty - Essay Example

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Poverty rates have been on a rise in industrialized countries despite the economic growth throughout the world (Leschied). Poverty is defined as a deprivation of the basic necessities that allow an individual to decide upon the course of his or her life…
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Ways to Alleviate Poverty
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Extract of sample "Ways to Alleviate Poverty"

Download file to see previous pages Poverty is found in both the rural and urban settings, however, recent studies have shown that urban poverty is on the rise which could lead to growing inequalities among the people and finally end in conflict. The misconception of poverty stricken people residing in the rural areas that life is better off in the urban regions has only increased urban poverty (United Nations Economic). Considering this fact and also the associated negative effects of poverty such as child abuse and violence, malnutrition, unhealthy living conditions and the increasing informal settlements have resulted in the need to address poverty and provide suitable solutions to alleviate poverty (Leschied; United Nations Economic). There has been an increasing growth in economy over the past years that have given immense opportunity to people to grow. However, it would not be wise to assume that such economic development would benefit every individual living in poverty. The only other means to enhance the living conditions of the poorer sector is through introduction of suitable policies which are aimed at increasing their productivity and employment opportunities, increase investments on the small scale informal sectors where people living in poverty usually find employment, provide better living conditions for the poor and empower the poor population by providing their due social recognition. All this could be achieved through able governance with the help of other non-governmental organizations and the community as a whole. Those living under poverty have found immense employment opportunities in some informal working sector and the public and private sector companies will have to learn from the informal sectors about providing opportunities to the lower-income population. In order to increase job opportunities to the poor, the labor regulations imposed by the government should be aimed at maintaining the security provided to the existing employees. Another vital factor that would increase the employment of the poor is provision of adequate access to education, especially for girls, by which the literacy rate and access to employment can be attained among the poverty stricken population. In addition, investments to increase the capital of the informal working sector that employs people living in poverty should be expanded in order to provide better wages to the employees and thereby improve their living conditions. Additionally the government will also have to regularly review the regulations and procedures that are required for the operation of these informal sectors. Examples of such investments and regulatory changes have been the expansion of social collateral for the informal sector and the provision of land security for shops and workshops in the informal sector. Urban agriculture can also provide employment options for the poor sector and thus help in poverty reduction. The poor should also have banking access as it would alleviate their need to depend upon moneylenders and help them with their savings and loan requirements. Such facilities will enhance the self-confidence of the poor to start their own ventures thus paving the way for their development. In addition, if the housing needs of the poor are taken care by the government by the introduction of a security measure for their land tenure, it would help them to better their living conditions as they would not have to live with the constant fear of vacating the informal settlements. In addition, the government should also ensure that all the settlements have basic amenities such as water supply, drainage facilities, proper sanitation, good roads and power ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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