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Civilisation and the arts in london - Essay Example

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Civilisation and the Arts in London Date: University: Civilisation and the Arts in London Television, movies, fashion, sports and music are the main components of today’s pop culture in London. Television is obviously the fastest mean being used to promote pop culture in England…
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Civilisation and the arts in london
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Download file to see previous pages They export music and celebrities in every part of the world. People of London copy the hairstyle and dresses of their favourite celebrities. Music occupies important place in London’s fashion culture. People show great interest in listening music on television, internet and on audio media. Media, television, audio media and sports all influenced the fashion in the life of youth and children specially. Music and dance parties are the main feature of nightclubs of London. Same trend of parties is also prevailing in fashion weeks (Foreman, 2005). Independent group caused the emergence of British pop art in London. Painter Richard Hamilton, Curator and art critique Lawrence Alloway and sculptor Eduardo got together in the London school of contemporary arts to promote popular culture in London. They first met in 1952 in London where Eduardo presented his celebrated college entitled “I was a rich man’s play thing”. All the emphasis during the discussion was laid on artistic values and interrelation of popular mass culture. In 1955, another member of the group Hamilton produced his college “just what is it that makes home so appealing”. This was recognized as the pioneer example of British pop art in London. Afterwards, number of people joined pop art and did reasonable work in expansion of pop art in London. ...
Youth still follow this Beatles fashion in London. Jurgen Vollmer was a schoolchild in 50s, who left his hairs hanging down on his forehead. This style was copied by the young boys of that time. But main reason of fame was rock music. Beatle mania is spreading very fast and youth love the Beatle’s music in London (Foreman, 2005). Artistic contributions of great English artists have influenced the life of Londoners. Artists attracted people to make people understand the depth of architectural work. Architectural work of English people in visible in the form of, castles, churches and government buildings in and around London. This architectural work is counted masterpiece work in the architectural era of England. (White, 2001) Variety and quality of foodstuff available in London is matchless with rest of the England. London is considered as the main hub of English food culture. Rising of London as one of the best cities of the world encouraged Londoners to promote English food culture in the city. Unlike other parts of the country, London has seen increase in number of casinos. All types of English dishes are available in London restaurants and hotels. Celebrated chefs also love to show their cooking potentials in London. This very culture of London influences the fashion and entertainment. (White, 2001) London is the centre of fashion activities in the world. London fashion weeks are symbol of quality dress designing in the world. Number of celebrities show up for advertising the work of English fashion designers. Catwalk fashion of London fashion shows greatly influences the popular consumer culture. Fashion designers tend to promote their work by following the lifestyle of famous sports and music figures ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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