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Racial Prejudice in the film Devil in a Blue Dress compared to prejudice in today's society - Term Paper Example

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Class name Date assignment is due Title The movie Devil in a Blue Dress has racially divisive times as a faint background. The story is woven into a historical fabric. What makes the movie special is its pungent depiction of racism…
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Racial Prejudice in the film Devil in a Blue Dress compared to prejudice in todays society
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"Racial Prejudice in the film Devil in a Blue Dress compared to prejudice in today's society"

Download file to see previous pages The relations of blacks and whites, the inequality prevailed in the society is presented in the movie. Corruption over Blacks, segregation, the Black image of the American Dream and the alienation suffered by blacks are portrayed in the movie. The story of the missing white woman who was last found at a black-only club presents the dark faces of race and racism. The movie presents the race-oriented life of the 1940s; racism and segregation were the accepted way of life during that period. In the movie we find that the skin color is not just a background issue, it is rather the core theme of the lives of the people of those times. Race was the first thing people notices. Racial discriminations could destroy marriages, break careers and end lives. The movie brings before the viewers the black life in Los Angeles. The disadvantaged life of the blacks is watched from the perspective of the 1940s and 1960s. This picture can be very much paralleled to the lives of the blacks in the 1990s. The movie is relevant even in the present world. Segregation is not uncommon in the United States in the modern world also. Prejudice and stereotyping is common in almost all societies. Multicultural societies are under the curse of prejudice and discrimination. Considering the United States as an example we can find that prejudice is the most crucial feature of the society. It is nothing but prejudice that has caused discrimination, oppression and tensions among various racial and ethnic classes in the United States. Prejudice results in racial profiling, alienation, housing segregation, dangerous ethnic jokes and various other problems. Prejudice demolishes all types of fellowships. No relationship would abide in the presence of prejudice. Prejudice reflects segregation, and it has completely blocked the progress of the nation. This strange racial prejudice has resulted into an isolated, ill developed and racially segregated society that has encouraged racial mistrust, senseless conflicts and other discriminations that prevents the society from obtaining true racial equality. Prejudice hinders cooperation and mutual respect and destroys relationships. Prejudice dissolves the good relationship between people of different race, ethnicity and nationality. Racial prejudice and segregation has resulted in systemic inequalities that stand as a barrier to the development (of the whole society) and personal improvement of individuals. Prejudice has contributed for the widening of the socio-economic gap between superior group (whites) and the minorities (blacks). The racism found in the movie Devil in a Blue Dress is prevalent in the modern society of the United States. There are various practices that humiliate and trouble the negatively privileged blacks and women in America, for example racial profiling. Thousands of complaints from the victims of various ethnic groups have proved that racial profiling is a real happening. Victims of racial profiling are not only common people but also famous and rich people, celebrities, sports stars and people from all walks of life. There were cases when respected members of the society, like judges, lawyers, state legislators, and even representatives claimed that they were victims of racial profiling. This discriminatory stopping and checking by the police is disturbing thousands of pedestrians, innocent drivers, and shoppers and other helpless people across the nation. ‘War on Drugs’ as well as ‘War on Terror’ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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