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Why did the majority of Americans still support President Kennedy after the failure of the Bay of Pigs invasion - Essay Example

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Majority of Americans still support President John F. Kennedy in spite of his fall in Bay of Pigs invasion. Majority of the Americans consider him as a good president though he had several failures in his presidency tenure. Kennedy is remembered for the initiatives he undertook for establishing equality in US society…
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Why did the majority of Americans still support President Kennedy after the failure of the Bay of Pigs invasion
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Extract of sample "Why did the majority of Americans still support President Kennedy after the failure of the Bay of Pigs invasion"

Download file to see previous pages Kennedy dared to do what many of his predecessors failed to do. Kennedy put an end to different types of discrimination prevailed in the US society. US people values him for his contributions in spite of his faulty decisions like the Bay of Pigs invasion. In the early years of 1960s, inequality was very much prevalent in US society. Blacks were segregated in the society. Blacks could not dream of government positions those days. Blacks constantly encountered discrimination in private as well as public facilities. Blacks were forbidden from eating with whites in restaurants. They were not allowed to drink in the drinking fountains that whites use. They could not use the same bathroom used by Whites. Blacks had no permission to use the front seat of buses. Blacks occupy the back seats when whites occupy the front seats. Blacks live in the downtrodden areas as whites live in the rich suburban high quality areas. Blacks had no role in democracy as they were not allowed to vote. There were separate schools were Whites and Blacks. The story is different once the Civil Rights Act of 1964 came into existence1; full credit to John F. Kennedy. Failures like Bay of Pigs invasion could not undermine the popularity of this president of the United States. Civil Rights Act of 1964 has contributed much in removing unfairness from the society. Many are the achievements of President Kennedy that made people consider him as a good president. His contribution in lessening racial discrimination is noticeable. His eyes could see the inequality in the society of America. In the Presidential Inaugural address he made in 1961, he had sworn to put an end to racial discrimination. While he was occupying the office he offered federal positions to several black people. He is the first US president to give such statuses to black people. He appointed nearly 40 black people to various administrative posts like Associate White House Press Secretary, Administrator of the Housing and Home Finance Agency, and Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Public Affairs. He also appointed five black judges in the federal position. This brought a solace to Black Americans as they started expecting better positions in higher levels. President Kennedy’s attempt to uphold the negatively privileged people is memorable. Kennedy put an end to the discrimination in bus travel. A Supreme Court Decision of 1960 stated that segregation would be considered illegal in bus stations that were meant for interstate travel. Civil rights activists began to do Freedom Rides. According to this, Freedom Riders, black people and white people will travel together in buses to check if the new law is successful. In certain locations like Alabama, negative-minded people attacked Freedom Riders as they refused the new law. President Kennedy upheld the Freedom Riders. Later in 1961, civil rights was further implemented by Interstate Commerce Commission by making the seating in interstate buses equal to both whites and blacks. Color, creed or race differences were eliminated in the seating rules. Moreover all terminals were integrated. According to this development people can sit in any seat they want irrespective of how they appear, what color they are and whatsoever they believe in. President John F. Kennedy attempted to end discrimination in various sectors of the society. His attempts of ending discrimination in housing are memorable. Housing segregation always remained as a curse in US society. It was a major civil rights issue in the 1960s. Black people lived in the poor neighborhoods where no developmental activities would be performed. Whites lived in separate prosperous ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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