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John F. Kennedy’s Historical Leadership Name: Roll No: Course No: Date: University Abstract Finding a suitable candidate for this example of great leadership was not hard for me. Upon the assignment to choose a great leader there was only one who has always captured my attention and captivated me…
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John F. Kennedys Historical Leadership
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"John F. Kennedy's Historical Leadership"

Download file to see previous pages Because of his strong desire to improve social welfare and civil rights, many people loved him. He was also a strong advocate of education and sponsored bills for federal financial aid. John F. Kennedy was a humble and peaceful president but was willing to go to war if necessary to defend America. This was further proven during the Cuban missile crisis between October 14-28, 1962 in which he imposed a naval blockade and positioned 125,000 army soldiers in Florida ready to invade Cuba if the soviet ships carrying weapons did not turn back or refused to be searched. John F. Kennedy had vision, integrity, was wise, passionate, compassionate, charismatic, a great communicator, persistent, daring, and disciplined, all the characteristics of a great leader. These are the reasons I chose John F. Kennedy for my research. John F. Kennedy’s Historical Leadership Introduction Transforming and influential leadership depends upon effectively leading the followers to become an effective leader. Effective leadership sets such goals which nation wants to achieve by following their leader. Vision, decision-making style and delegation are the strong traits that a national leader must possess. John f Kennedy was the son of Joseph Kennedy and was born in 1917. During the Second World War, he toured Europe and critically observed the current international affairs (Reeves, 1993). He marked beginning of his political career by winning a senate seat in elections held in 1952. He influenced the youths of the nation and became president in the age of only 44. His short presidential period of almost 2 years is one of the most remembered administrations. He was the pioneer of launching moon mission in America. Credit of one of the US diplomatic success “Bay of pigs invasion” goes to his visionary leadership. Because of his calm attitude, leadership qualities, vision, style and policies, he is known as the natural leader. He was most assertive during his presidential; period and knew what others did not know. This power made him the president having great qualities (Leaming, 2006). More leadership characteristics, leadership styles and traits will be discussed in this paper. John F. Kennedy and Leadership He was against the nuclear arms race as a leader and always committed himself to minimize the chances of any nuclear misadventure between America and Soviet Union. He negotiated limited test ban treaty with Soviet Union to stop proliferation of weapons of mass destruction (Leaming, 2006). President Kennedy proved himself as a visionary leader by giving the concept of “New Frontier” in a speech in 1960. The concept of “New frontier” carried a lot many challenges for the nation. This concept was test of courage in the fields of economic growth, space, science and foreign affairs. He used this concept to energize people to contribute in nation building. This new concept gave the American nation a new launch pad to progress in the world. He wanted Americans to lead the world and leaving soviet far behind especially in the fields of space science. Thornberry said that vivid description is necessary part of vision. New frontier had set that image of the president before the inaugural (Reeves, 1993). He set the new goals for American nation in his inaugural address as a president. Analyst of today claims the inaugural address of Kennedy ideal for modern leaders. He greatly emphasized on foreign policy ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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