The benefits of computer games and virtual reality worlds on teenagers and other members of society - Essay Example

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A Closer Look at Virtual Gaming Name Professor Subject Date A Closer Look at Virtual Gaming Health professionals have labeled computer games and virtual reality a health hazard saying the long hours teenagers spend in from of a computer contributes to obesity and poor social skills…
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The benefits of computer games and virtual reality worlds on teenagers and other members of society
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"The benefits of computer games and virtual reality worlds on teenagers and other members of society"

This essay will argue that virtual games provide many advantages to players such as enhance learning, promote an active lifestyle and promote socialization. Virtual games enhance students learning of economic theories. Virtual games have developed into more complex platforms where it becomes an actual simulation comparable to running business or fighting for survival. For example, players in an MMORPG ( Warcraft or Diablo ) have to engage in a profession such as farming to be able to reap gold points; later, they can buy items that can also be traded. Barnett and Arcambault ( 2020) assert that “By exposing players to elements of game play that mirror real-life situations involving such principles(e.g. efficiency, specialization, and supply and demand), these games facilitate players’ introduction to these economic concepts” ( p.5). In MMORPG, players need to be efficient in spending their resources especially at the beginning of the game. Specialization is another economic principle that players would learn from playing MMORPGs according to Barnett and Arcambault (p. 7). Players of these games try to specialize in one or two types of character because they need to balance the attributes – health, damage, strength, etc. for survival. In conclusion, students can learn how to apply economic principles in a simulation from which they can use later in real-life. Virtual games can be a means to promote a more active lifestyle and better multisensory processing. Most of the aversion to virtual games expressed by older people can be attributed to the sedentary lifestyle of a player. However, with the development of interactive games ( Wii, Xbox, Konami) that require body movements, players can even be encouraged to get physically active while having fun. In a study made by Klein and Simmers in 2009, they studied the effects of exergaming on motivating adolescents to exercise. The study reported that adolescents are willing to use video games as a form of exercise; in fact, they could even find this as a supplement to going to a gym ( Klein and Sommers, 2009,p.42). This indicates that exergaming can be a very viable alternative to make gamers become more physically active. Additionally, playing video games increase multi-sensory processing that can help people improve their cognitive skills ( Donue, et.al, 2010,p.1126). These two studies demonstrate the physical and physiological advantages that one can get from playing video games. Lastly, video games can be used to increase social interaction among family members of different ages. Today, parents or even grandparents can connect to the younger generation by participating in a game known as Age Invaders. The game is designed with features that are user-friendly so older people can adapt playing the game; however, the more compelling motivation that makes even older players to participate is the social interaction ( Khoo et.al, 2008,p.15). Aside from social interaction, the game can promote well-being for the elderly. In fact, the researchers also found out that the game provides enhances the physical and mental well-being of the elderly who were subjects in the study (p.5). The elderly in the study showed some mental and physical progress by playing video games like Donkey Kong. Indeed, the belief that video games cause isolation is not at all true. It can be used as an entertaining link between generations to promote healthier relationships. In conclusion, the Read More
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