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Irish and Early American differences - Essay Example

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Instructor Topic Date University Irish and Early American Differences Ireland is located in north -Western Europe that occupies its place on the “island” of Ireland. Remaining northern island is state of UK. Ireland is a historical place filled with the natural beauty…
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Irish and Early American differences
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Download file to see previous pages Ireland again was called Ireland in 1922. English colonization of America started in 1607 and soon these were established throughout the Americas. English American colonies got enmity with Spanish American colonies in the fields of military and economy. Different sorts of colonies were established like charter, proprietary and royal colonies. These colonies were granted independence in 20th century after the American war of independence (Burke 56). Colonization of America was based on certain motives. There were economic, religious and political motives. English colonization of Ireland and then of America were two different experiences in terms of nature and type of people, land and religion. Greater emphasis on these aspects will be laid in following paragraphs. England sent its forces in 684 C.E to carryout raids on Ireland for booty and captives (Kenny 47). English colonization had an aim of supremacy over the complete island. It was very difficult for English rulers to keep control over the entire Ireland. Edward Bruce of Scotland invaded Ireland in 13th century with the help of Gaelic lords against English lords but he could not succeed. This war resulted in devastation of human and animal life on the island. Irish lords regained control over their lost land ultimately (Burke 79). After the war, plague arrived in Ireland in 1348. English people suffered heavily as they were living in the villages and towns of Ireland. Gaelic culture and language again prevailed in the region after the disaster of plague. Therefore, English control got limited up to pale. Adoption of Irish language and customs by Hiberno- Norman lords helped in strengthening Irish hold over the land (Canny 580). After the plague, Norman lords always supported the local Irish people in political, economical and military conflicts with England. English lords faced many difficulties in holding the land and making Irish people captives for slavery. Henry VIII decided to conquer Ireland in 15th century. Kildare was the most famous Irish ruler in 15th century who was open in rebellion activities against the England (Kenny 55). Henry wanted to capture Ireland with a view to minimize the chances of any future rebellion activities and for avoiding any external aggression in future. After the hard and bloody conflicts Henry got control over the Ireland and by the end of 15th century, successfully made it a kingdom. English lords always faced hard time whenever they decided to convert catholic Irish to protestant religion. Brutal and difficult methods were adopted by King Henry but he could not succeed in converting the religion of Irish people. This policy of the king increased hatred in the Irish people against the English rule. Two periods of civil war in Ireland caused huge destruction to Irish catholic land owning class. Catholic followers of Irish land took a major rebel against English rule and killed thousands of Protestants. Crownwell re-conquered Ireland in 1649. This was the bloodiest conflict of Irish history. Land was confiscated from Irish Catholics and was handed over to British settlers. (Kenny 78-79) Irish hatred against English rule increased due to economic situation of the Ireland in 18th century. Agricultural products were being exported and domestic consumption such items were not allowed. Cold and dry spell of 1940 killed about 4 million people due to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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