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Quality Managment and Control - Essay Example

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Everyone has the experience of getting poor quality products or services from organizations at one time or another. This situation may range from losing ones baggage on flight, purchasing a defect electronic item, getting the wrong pizza delivered, and so on. In fact, successful companies have well understood the importance of having quality control…
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Quality Managment and Control
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Download file to see previous pages How the company implemented quality management In fact, the company, at first, tried to analyze how its customers evaluate their products. To the utter surprise of the company, the customers were only partially satisfied. As illustrated in Champman and Hall (1991, p. 160), when the company probed further into the issue, it was found that there were problems regarding packaging, installation, labeling, and integration with other products; and these findings created a wave of shock in the company, and as a result, various strategies were developed in the plant. At first, the company set up a steering committee that consisted of all the senior management. As a part of it, a strategy was set up by the company that was to be implemented from below was started. This strategy clearly identified what each employee had to do to achieve the company goals. As a part of it, the company introduced ‘Just-in-time’, a strategy for quality management, was introduced in the year 1984 (ibid). It started with providing education to all the employees. Once they found the program effective among the employees, it was spread to the IBM suppliers. As a part of it, senior managements of supplier chains were provided extensive classes. It was followed by supplier certification program which is based on BS5750 that covered everything ranging from process qualification, project management and statistical techniques (ibid). Following this, in 1985, the company introduced the techniques known as ‘process quality management’ and ‘departmental purpose analysis’ (DPA) (ibid). DPA aimed at finding and eliminating the non-value-added services conducted by a department. From the analysis, it became evident that some...
This paper approves that the company views itself as a knowledge company and hence skills and knowledge are very vital for the company. So, the quality control of the company starts from the moment it decides to select employees. According to the company, a global supply chain with thousands of partners faces increased risks of waste, inefficiency, environment impact, and cost. So, it becomes necessary to continuously improve business performance and sustainability and this should reach the supply chains. The inability in this step can lead to higher use of energy, and other natural resources resulting in severe environmental damage. In addition, there will be problems like poor quality products and services, safety concerns, and poor labor practices. This will result in the detachment of stakeholders like customers, shareholders, partners and employees. IBM has developed extensive guidelines ensuring quality in its supplier operations.
This essay makes a conclusion that in total, it becomes evident that the company introduced quality management and control measures as early as 1980s and the measures adopted by IBM were in no way inferior to the strategies of other companies. In fact, the company holds a proven record of effective quality management and control that ranges from senior management to sub-contractors. Furthermore, it is evident that adopting Six Sigma in their quality control will further sharpen their strategies and will make it flawless and more effective. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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