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Qustions - Essay Example

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Q. 1: From a management perspective discuss the implications of introducing a corporate GIS to an organization: Ans. Managers happen to be one of the primary drivers of the implementation of corporate GIS in organization. According to (Ferrari and Onsrud, 1995), successful implementation of the corporate GIS in any organization depends, to much an extent, on the managerial skills and characteristics of the individual managers…
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Extract of sample "Qustions"

Download file to see previous pages Therefore, it can be said that managers assume the key responsibility of the successful implementation of corporate GIS in an organization. In order to accomplish that, managers need to overcome the barriers and address the implications that result from the implementation. The following text discusses some of the implications of introducing the corporate GIS to an organization from a managers’ perspective. Many companies have conventionally invested quite a lot in different GIS resources that include but are not limited to software, hardware, and human resources. As a result of that, management has demanded tangible outcomes on the sum invested. Management in any organization expects to receive tangible outcomes from the implementation of corporate GIS. If the management does not acquire tangible outcomes soon, there is little likelihood for management of continuing its support for the corporate GIS. Many case studies have traditionally shown that many information systems experience such hurdles (Otawa, n.d.). Researchers like (Saarinen, 1987) have devised organization-wide solutions in order to meet the challenges associated with implementation of corporate GIS in the organization. ...
In order to make the system effective with the corporate GIS, employees need to be trained on the use of GIS. To achieve that, it is required of the managers to arrange training programs for the employees in which they may be offered education about the use of GIS. In addition to that, managers need to work out the best time that is suitable for the on-job training from the duty hours available to them. Not just that, managers need to convince the top management and / or the owners to bear the expenses thus incurred. Education of the organizational staff is compulsory, though it consumes additional cost. With that, management who is already skeptical about the idea of implementation of corporate GIS in the organization becomes even more repulsive towards it. In addition to the lack of employees education as discussed above, Management also has to suffer from a lack of GIS data of sufficiently high quality. Although in recent years, there has been improvement in the availability of the required GIS data for organizational use, though this does not essentially mean that the improved availability has also improved the accuracy of the data. Many of the GIS databases are outdated because they have not been updated on a regular basis. Other implications for implementing corporate GIS in organization for managers include but are not limited to“(1) data inaccuracies – both spatial and attribute, (2) data conversion issues, e.g., digitizing and format translations, and simply (3) the lack of data necessary to perform routine job duties” (Otawa, n.d.). GIS can not be implemented on a higher level unless these concerns are addressed. All of these factors need to be taken into consideration and taken adequate measures for in order to gain maximum benefit from the systems ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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