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Economics - Essay Example

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Name: Tutor: Course: Date: University: Question 1 The expressions short-run as well as long-run do not necessarily refer to a particular time period like four months or even five years. The main difference between the two comes in in the flexibility factor of decision making…
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Download file to see previous pages The short-run or long-run of one industry is often different from another. (Moffatt, 2011) A given firm’s costs may be reliant upon the time or period under consideration. Most of the decisions are fixed when a short-run time frame is taken into account and thus the long-run and short-run cost curves are different. Short-run costs and costs in the long-run are, however, related. For instance, a long-run average cost curve is more flat in comparison to a ‘U’ shaped short-run average cost curve. Short-run cost curves usually lie upon the long-run cost curves. Figure1. A graphical illustration of a short-run cost and a long-run cost curves Average costs LATC SATC1 SATC2 SATC3 Quantity Note: SATC stands for Short-run Average Total Costs while LATC stands for Long-run Average Total Costs. Short-run Average Total Costs of a firm differ from the Long-run Average Total Costs since the fixed costs in the short-run can be varied over the long-run. (Mankiw, 2008 p256) In the case of an operator of a port, cost efficiency occurs efficiency occurs where the throughput is made available at the lowest cost possible with resource-prices paid by the operator put into consideration. The economic cost of a port is represented by the relationship depicted by minimum costs of handling any given throughput levels. Over the short-run time period, there must be at least one of the port resources that should be fixed with regards to amount. For example, the buildings or the wharf of a port are some of the resources that cannot be varied in the short-run period. Unit costs in relation to a port’s costs are usually compared by dividing them with their throughput amounts. Figure 2: A graphical presentation of Short-run Total Costs, Short-run Variable Costs and Short-run Fixed Costs. That is; STC, SVC and SFC. Cost STC SVC SFC Port throughput Figure 3: Average costs in the short-run Cost per unit SATC SAVC SAFC Port throughput Note that SATC stands for Short-run Average Total Costs, SAVC for Short-run Average Variable Costs and SAFC for Short-run Fixed Costs. Short-run average total cost is gotten by dividing short-run total cost with throughput. On the other hand short-run average fixed cost is the short-run fixed costs divided by the throughput and short-run average variable cost is short-run variable cost divided by throughput. Average fixed cost reduces in a continuous manner as the level of throughput rises; that is, since a fixed cost continues to be divided by bigger and bigger amounts of throughput of the port. As the amount of throughput rises, average variable cost as well as short-run average cost reduce initially, get to a minimum and afterwards rise. In the port’s long-run, the costs in whole are variable. Therefore, long-run total costs that are incurred by the operator of the port of the port for the given throughput amounts are a total of variable costs. Long-run average total costs are equal to long-run total costs divided by total port’s throughput. A long-run average total cost curve has a negative slope for a given range of throughput and then it starts to increase. Figure 4: Long-run Total Cost curve and a Long-run Average Total Cost Curve. cost port throughput cost per unit LATC Port throughput (Talley, 2009 pp98-100) A convenience store is usually a type of retail business. Costs of a convenience store that maybe short-run may include costs of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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For instance, Adam Smith’s theory of the invisible hand argues that when people engage in business and selling they are governed by the invisible hand of the market that helps regulate prices and ensures that businesses and people act in certain ways. Indeed, the nature of economics is like psychology in that it presents theories of human behavior.
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As such, economic analysis relates to the study of economic systems in an industry to ascertain the effectiveness of the operations of a given industry with reference to its profitability1. With this, we are able to establish the optimum use of the limited resources to achieve a given economic objective.
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If the quantity demanded of a certain product changes minimally or does not change at all, then that product is said to be a Price Inelastic Good. Consequently, if a product whose price increased and such a change brought forth an abrupt drop in quantity demanded of the same product, the good is said to be Price Elastic.
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But there are certain commodities, especially those meant for addiction purposes, whose prices have a very low impact on the decision making of the consumers, since people keep on
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e that the people of a country would receive the best of every thing that could be education, housing, health services or the other various basic necessities. Economics has been called and is known as a Social Science one that actually focuses on the subject matter that is
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resources and maximizes his/her utility by selling it, since the economic problem of scarcity prevails; allocation decisions are made necessary by the market forces. Hence the point of interaction of the consumer’s demand curve and the producer’s supply curve is known as
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sought to apply a broader theoretical and conceptual tradition of economic thought by placing emphasis on neo-classical synthesis – a combination of neo-classical economics and Keynesian economics. Conservative economics is based on Milton Friedman’s teachings and
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Macroeconomics is the study of the conduct of the aggregate economy. Macroeconomics scrutinizes various economic issues including unemployment, economic growth,
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s the above figure illustrates, if there is a supply shock in an economy (such as increase in the price of oil, labor or other costs that increase the cost of doing business), the short run AS curve shifts to the left. The real GDP decreases from Q to Q’ and the price level
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These tools enable professional mainstream economists to address various economic issues facing the world. Mainstream economics is about modeling in a way that traditional or heterodox economics is not. It originated from the neoclassical synthesis of the neoclassical
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