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Critically consider Feminist theories of desire ( state which ones ) in relation to Sex and the City first movie. How usefull ar - Essay Example

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Critically consider Feminist theories of desire (state which ones) in relation to Sex and the City first movie. How useful are these theories? Introduction Historically, women have always been the disadvantaged gender until feminist movements sprouted and pushed for the rights of women to vote, to own property and do a lot of other things reserved only for men…
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Critically consider Feminist theories of desire ( state which ones ) in relation to Sex and the City first movie. How usefull ar
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Extract of sample "Critically consider Feminist theories of desire ( state which ones ) in relation to Sex and the City first movie. How usefull ar"

Download file to see previous pages Women have even invaded the silver screen as primary actors, where they are portrayed not as mere decorative support to men to underscore the men’s masculinity onscreen, such as illustrated in James Bond movies, under the paradox of phallocentrism espoused by one school of philosophical thought, but as powerful, strong and independent women emphatically illustrated in the Kill Bill series. Other movies with more realistic approach feature women as central characters showing their femininity, desires and strength. This paper tackles one such movie – Sex and the City. The movie was a spin-off of the very popular television series of the same title aired sometime in the 1990s. It deals with the lives of four women friends and their search for career, romance and fulfillment in the city of New York. Summary: Sex and the City, the 2008 Movie In 2008, HBO films released the movie Sex and the City, a spin-off of the very popular television series of the same title, which aired sometime between 1994 and 2004. ...
These four women, who form the crux of a close-knit friendship, are frank, open and almost raucous in their love for life and good fun and desires for love, marriage and sex. The movie opens with Carrie, a successful New York Star columnist who writes a column entitled Sex and the City, and her boyfriend Big searching for the ideal apartment to move into as a couple and finds a beautiful penthouse suite, whose price is more than what they had on mind. Big buys it nonetheless declaring that it belongs to both Carrie and him, but Carrie, who fell in love with it, is concerned that their living arrangement will not permit her to really be part-owner of the apartment. Big suggests a solution to the problem: get married. Overwhelmed with joy, Carrie spends the next few weeks with her friends planning for the perfect wedding. However, Big suddenly loses at the last hour and does not make an appearance at the wedding. 1 Carrie’s three friends are also presently mired in their own domestic dilemmas. Miranda, the lawyer and the official feminist of the group, finds out that her husband Steve confesses he had committed the ultimate sin: slept with another woman. Miranda, whose hectic schedule has not permitted her to have sex with her husband for six months, is furious and turns Steve out of the house. On the other hand, Samantha, a public relations executive who manages the television acting career of her live-in boyfriend Smith in LA, finds herself getting lonelier as Steve’s rising career keeps him out of the house most of the time. She struggles to keep herself from being tempted to sleep with her gorgeous next-door neighbor who she sees having sex with various women every night. Finally, Charlotte, the odd man out of the group because of her rather ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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