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Apple Incorporated Introduction Apple Incorporated started to race with IBM in the field or area of personal computing which paved way to its Mac (Macintosh) computer product line. Today, Apple Incorporated is known not only for its computer product lines but iPods, iPhones, and iTunes…
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Apple case study
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Download file to see previous pages Part 1. External Analysis The business environment for Apple Incorporated has become so challenging considering that there are important components in it that needs to be understood in detail. PESTEL Analysis In every business environment, government is an essential component for a successful business implementation. Porter believed that the government has important role to play when it comes to the establishment of a harmonious business environment for every business or industry. Thus, there is no wonder why political consideration has always been an important concern in every business situation. In the case of Apple Incorporated, it is crucial with its business to maintain its identity and this is done through intellectual property management for the designs of its product offerings. In line with this, the government always has political power to include in its policy and procedure for handling business situations. It is also in line with this that there is a higher level of association involved with legal concerns. The legality is necessary because it is through this that a business or organisation can successfully implement the right strategy and procedure. The economic recession in the United States which has affected the entire world economy has also created a chain impact on Apple Incorporated’s financial performance. ...
In the case of marketing activity, people are socially aware that it is a matter of idea that can substantially influence their buying power. In line with this, Apple Incorporated considers the most important idea that can create social impacts. The cutting-edge technology of Apple Incorporated can substantially compete with the ongoing trend. This is due to the fact that advancement of technology has become tantamount to the level of progress in everywhere. The corporate social responsibility is one of the latest trends in business. This is due to the fact that there is a need to consider the environment. In fact, businesses are highly influenced by the fact that there is a need to be environmentally concerned and not just purely on making profits. Porter’s Five Forces Porter’s five forces model can substantially explain how competitive rivalry between Apple Incorporated and other manufacturing companies in its industry is formed. Samsung, Nokia and other rivals of Apple Incorporated have substantially created specific strategic moves in the market. Considering that these companies are also good at creating demand for their product offerings. Apple Incorporated has been faced by issues concerning the design of its offerings. These companies have essentially copied in detail what Apple has viewed to be remarkably important for its customers. These companies have learned the information that customers are looking forward not only on brand quality but reliability issues and utility issues. Thus, customers have strong market power because of increasing models of product offerings. Competition has become so intense which resulted to Apple’s highly differentiated strategy of stimulating needs for ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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