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The Impact of Skiing and Tourism on Mountain Environments - Essay Example

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This essay analyzes the impact of skiing and tourism on mountain environments. The enormous increase in skiing since the 1970s has had several effects on mountain water levels of lakes as well as streams; harmed mountain wildlife by the destruction of surroundings…
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The Impact of Skiing and Tourism on Mountain Environments
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Extract of sample "The Impact of Skiing and Tourism on Mountain Environments"

Download file to see previous pages According to ecologists, the enormous increase in skiing since the 1970s has had several effects on mountain water levels of lakes as well as streams; harmed mountain wildlife by the destruction of surroundings, noise and contamination as well as disturbing yearly weather conditions. Winter is a significant source of earnings and the activities such as skiing; snowboarding, hiking and ice climbing rely greatly on snow. Nonetheless, very few people ever actually stop to think about the impact the activity on the mountain as well as its eco-system. For instance, “orange peel requires more or less two years to break down, butts of cigarette will stay on the hillside for more or less 5 years before the atmosphere breaks them down, when skiing through trees, and one can harm them by knocking off branches as well as killing little shoots beneath” (ETUP, pp. 65-77, 2000). ...
h 22' condition as the number of people visiting the resort rises, which in response, generates pressure to develop transport connections to these places and thus, the cycle goes on. The indirect cost of the rise in human wealth and delight is to the detriments of the mountain and its associated environmental situations. Mountains are very receptive to severe alterations that human beings are presently inflicting on them. The recurring harm, as well as environmental changes that people impose on the mountains, is hard to repair. It will not take a year or two for things to get back to normal (Beniston, pp. 46-57, 1994). Human created environmental harm, which results in unpredictable climate changing patterns, with forecasts together with more rain as well as melting glaciers that will result in attrition and overflows on large scale. Poor snow records, diminishing glaciers and unusual weather patterns are few of the implications of these alterations for the alpine in recent years (Clifford, p. 33, 2003) High temperatures noticed in the summer of 2002 caused a few of the European glaciers to move away by more or less 10 percent creating doubt between some weather experts that in fifty years glaciers could possibly melt away. Since stress rises on the ski businesses to construct higher into the mountains to get to snow consistent regions, receptive high mountainous surroundings influenced eventually. The rise in universal temperatures will have a severe implication for a lot of ski resorts situated at lower altitudes. It is not just as easy as going higher to acquire extra snow. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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