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Describe and discuss the concept of the various theories of strategic management and how information systems can be utilised to - Essay Example

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STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT AND ROLE OF INFORMATION SYSTEMS IN ACHIEVING STRATEGIES ADVANTAGES Strategic management and role of information systems in achieving strategies advantages Author Author Affiliation Date Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 Introduction 3 Strategic management: A detailed overview 4 How Organizations use Strategic Management 5 Strategic Management Theories 7 Information Systems and Strategic Management 8 Information System: Basic Overview 8 Role of Information System in achieving Strategic Advantages 11 Advantages of using information systems 13 Challenges in implementing Information Systems 15 Bridging the Gap 15 Customized Tools 15 Conclusion 16 References 17 Introductio…
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Describe and discuss the concept of the various theories of strategic management and how information systems can be utilised to
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Extract of sample "Describe and discuss the concept of the various theories of strategic management and how information systems can be utilised to"

Download file to see previous pages In this scenario, information technology provides a lot of tools that can help organizations implement strategic management effectively. Information system is a very useful tool which is currently used by the organizations to implement business strategies. This paper will discuss the concept of strategic management in detail. This paper will discuss how information systems can be useful for the organizations in achieving strategic advantage. This paper will also outline some challenges which are faced by the organizations while using information systems. Strategic management: A detailed overview Strategic management refers to a business methodology that is useful for the utilization in order to make the most competent use of available assets and resources in the process of operating some organization. However, the basic idea behind any strategic management process is to assess the existing status of the operation and all of its individual components, we must identify whether those components are being utilized in such a way to attain maximal outcome, and to expand and implement the required changes when and as necessary. In addition, if organizations successfully utilize this approach, it can help them improve the overall performance of the business; we have to move the business nearer towards reaching its declared goals. However, we should keep the expenditure of raw materials, supplies and other related resources in stability with the returns that are generated by the business efforts (Tatum, 2010). The idea of strategic management is not only used by the large companies. Even a small business that encompasses no more than one or two persons can use this decision-making technique to get advantage from the basics of this methodology. Whereas, the exact nature related to these processes and tasks necessary for the operations will be quite different between a mom-and-pop seller and a corporation which is considered as multi-national. However, the common idea behind this managing process will still be uses and considered as valid. When we apply these principals to the real-life conditions of the business, it is often likely to maximize the use of existing resources, reduce waste in the place of work, and eventually have a positive outcome on the bottom line of some organization (Tatum, 2010; Pollard & Hotho, 2006). In simple words, the term strategic management refers to a process by which a group of people or organization can examine the fact where they are at present, and also in addition they can think about where they want to be in the near future perspective and how they can create the visual ability and reality as when to reach where they want to reach in the coming future (Sulaiman, 2010). How Organizations use Strategic Management For achieving a competitive benefit position and also enhancing the organizational performance as compared to their competitors are the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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