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Power and Politics - Term Paper Example

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Power and Politics Christine diBenedetto University of Phoenix MGT/307 Professor Patterson March 21, 2011 Power and Politics Human behavior in organization delves into studying both power and politics as crucial forces that influence organizational development…
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Power and Politics Paper
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Download file to see previous pages 160). However, power manifests in situations in which one imposes actions or interests toward another and does not exist only in political organizations. The objective of the research is to compare and contrast power and politics in organizations. The discourse includes an analysis of organizational management and leadership practices that influence organizations. Finally, a minimum of two real-world examples of the relationship between power and politics provide information on how this relates to management and leadership practices. Power and Politics in Organizations Robbins and Judge (2007) define power as “the ability to get someone to do something you want done or the ability to make things happen in the way you want them to. The essence of power is control over the behavior of others” (p. 214). On the other hand, organizational politics means “the management of influence to obtain ends not sanctioned by the organization or to obtain sanctioned ends through nonsanctioned means” (p. 227). The common elements for both power and politics are the presence of an influencing factor or control toward the achievement of some predefined goal. For essence and measurement of power is toward determining the ability to make others move toward the desired objective in which leaders could exemplify as the medium to possess power. On the other hand, politics in organization sometimes presume some negative aspect in terms of identifying conflicting elements in the organization (self-interest versus organizational goals, nonsanctioned methods to achieve goals) to effect a change or transformation. Otherwise, organizational power is seen as a neutral force that aims to resolve differences and conflicts. Organizational Management and Leadership Practices Power in organizations practices a more predominant transformational leadership style. Empowerment is implemented when leaders exercise willingness and capabilities of influencing subordinates and authorizing them to be involved in strategies or in decision-making processes. Diverse researches have supported the benefits of power in organizations in which participation and involvement have contributed to improved productivity, motivation, and financial performance. The feeling of fulfillment, acknowledgement of job well done and recognition as rewards for exemplary achievement satisfies an individual’s self-actualization needs; especially when employees are given appropriate motivation to enhance their overall performance. Likewise, leaders who have empowered others are found to gain benefits in terms of: personal satisfaction, enhanced self-worth and confidence, perceived increase in personal value and power, reinforces improved ability to choose, and proactively accepts the repercussions of potential outcomes from empowering others (Holistic, 2000). Politics in organization, on the other hand, have benefits in terms of managing change and conflicts through addressing inadequacies in leadership skills. As emphasized by Robbins and Judge (2007), “organizational politics can help identify problems and move ambitious, problem-solving managers into the breach. It is quicker than restructuring. It allows the firm to meet unanticipated problems with people and resources quickly, before small headaches become major problems. Finally, when a person’s formal authority breaks down or fails to apply to a particular situation, political actions can be used to prevent a loss of influence” ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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