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Freedom Isn't Really Free I. Introduction When asking someone what they value most, the first thing that is usually mentioned is freedom. Freedom of choice, freedom to live the life they want, freedom to be who they truly are, freedom from pain, illness, suffering, loneliness; all these are considered part of a human being's basic human rights package…
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Pick one all info is there
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Download file to see previous pages They feel oppressed, disconnected, machine-like, and very much out of control with being forced to perform in some manner in order to regain those freedoms. How can this be? First of all, in order to determine what freedom is and what it isn't, we must clarify and accept the definition of the word freedom. The Free Dictionary defines freedom as the condition of being free from restraints. It also includes political independence, lack of slavery, detention or oppression, exemption from authority in performing a certain task or action, liberty, exemption from an onerous or unpleasant condition, the ability to choose for oneself, and move about without restriction, lack of reserve or modesty, full access, all the rights of citizenship or membership, and the power to perform certain actions without interference or control. This is a very broad definition containing many implications and directions for freedom to go. II. Point One By considering freedom in the broadest of terms, it's easy to see how one may think it would be the most wonderful concept on the planet; everyone should be free. Life would have the greatest meaning for the largest number of people if only there was more freedom. The suffering and oppression of Third World countries would be alleviated and more people would rise from the ashes to take their places if only there was more freedom in the world. All people would be free to live a life of their own choosing; finding success and peace within themselves, lacking nothing of comfort and convenience necessary for daily living. While this may be a very broad goal, not easily attainable; it is neither logical nor practical. The systems created to serve life on planet Earth cannot operate within this framework. Most economic systems require there to be supply and demand; which also requires there to be people who consume as well as those who produce. This, in turn, requires there to be managers, as well as workers have no ability to move around without restrictions or to perform certain actions without interference or control; the haves and the have nots. III. Point Two Perhaps freedom just means freedom from an onerous and unpleasant condition. Well, if that were the case, then freedom from hunger, pain, illness, or even a bad relationship or boring career would bring immediate relief for millions of people across the globe. Yet, the systems they were born into dictate for them what they’re entitled to for daily living; including the choice to marry and with whom they will marry, what career they will have, if they will work, and who they will work for. Maybe political independence is necessary in order to remove the suffering from the world. By gaining full access to all the rights of citizenship within a geographical area, having the power to move around with exemption of authority as well as the ability to make decisions without interference or control would create a world where all the needs of the people are met and the human family is happy and satisfied. As long as there is only one person in this utopian society, things would be fine. The problem exists when people, who are uniquely different in their growth and development, as well as in their needs, beyond the basics, try to live together in small spaces, called communities. Then, the concept of freedom becomes moderately distorted. My freedom ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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