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A Positive Concept - Essay Example

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Living a Truthful Life Living a life is not an easy task, but living a life truthfully is even more challenging and risky. Every individual has the right to live in his own way, but living a life in complete truth is the obligation one have to his soul .Indeed, one might think what connection does soul have with truthful life, but for everyone’s surprise, soul desires bliss which only truth can offer…
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A Positive Concept
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"A Positive Concept"

Download file to see previous pages It should be known that truth is immortal and man without truth is nothing but life less. Life is not meant to be lived just for the sake of pleasure of senses, but for the purpose of realizing truth and living by it in all means. One of the greatest philosophers who strived for truth and righteousness was Socrates, the famous Greek thinker. “Socrates' main focus throughout his public teaching life was the acquiring by the individual of self-knowledge. He believes that goodness and truth, positive essences and pure ethical and moral” (Burgess,2011) . This indeed explains us the value of truthful living and the way in which it helps a person to attain bliss and immortality. However, living a truth life is not simple and comfortable as one has to come across many difficulties and hurdles in the process. Only a person who has attained the knowledge about self has the motivation and passion to walk the journey of life with truth. A person has the freedom to live life at his own will, but wisdom and knowledge prompt him to discard immoral life and return to virtuous and happy life. “We all tend to intellectualize the road of a virtuous life , when all we need to do is believe in a few simple natural laws , formulated thousand of years ago by interacted with God” (Joubert,2009,pg.1).It is not very difficult to follow the path of truth if you realize the law of nature. Nature being the mother of all beings, has bestowed us with all bounties to achieve happiness and bliss. Fortunately, every human being knows that happiness is the element that he is seeking and desiring in every phase of his life. As Per ( Babuta, 2010)“Some people may be created happier than others, with enjoyment of life programmed into their hardwiring. For others, getting to happiness isn't always that simple. You weren't programmed that way”. It may be a surprising fact, that the truth and happiness are the two things that go hand – in – hand and one who is leading an immoral life can never be happy in true sense. To be moral and truthful to oneself is the biggest achievement of life and every person should work and strive to achieve this purpose. “A moral skeptic might be the sort of person who says “All this talk of morality is tripe” who will reject morality and take no notice of it all. Such a person in a way is rejecting all moral judgments and truth wholly”(Mc cord,1988,pg.96) Most people think that morality and truthfulness can be attained solely from religion. However, religion is a basis and foundation for finding truth but only self realization and truth of divine can persuade someone to persuade a truthful living. “Once the ultimate metaphysical or religious position is takes as truth, morality or truthful living becomes impossible without religion, and religion become impossible without reality” (Chacko, 1986,pg.9).The truth is the reality and one has to go on a long quest to understand and establish truth in one’s life. By truth it is meant that, a person will achieve bliss and happiness eternally and not only in his present life. However, to achieve blissful life the most important think is to understand divine and love all the creations of the Almighty with true heart. The most important aspect of truth is love, this feeling and emotion is what makes the foundation of universe. The Almighty has ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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