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Analysis and consider future sources of change and recommendation for McDonals's (Hong Kong) - Essay Example

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Analysis and Consider Future Sources of Change and Recommendation for McDonald’s (Hong Kong) Table of Contents Overview 3 Change Management 3 Future Changes 5 Recommendations and Conclusion 6 References 7 9 Bibliography 10 Overview The term ‘change’ usually signifies making anything radically different or to undergo transformation, substitution or transition…
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Analysis and consider future sources of change and recommendation for McDonalss (Hong Kong)
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Download file to see previous pages The organisational dynamics of change can be evident in the form of that the communication in the organisation deteriorates. The productivity also tends to suffer and the morale of the employees goes down. On the other hand, the individual dynamics of change takes place in different ways. Even if the change is quite exciting, individuals expect a sense of loss. Change is often perceived to bring a sense of confusions and ambiguity (Telfair, 2008). Change is referred as an essential aspect for any business, especially in those business houses where innovations takes place on a continuous basis and readily acclimatise to shifts in the market (Doherty & Waterhouse, 2006). Since the year 1955, when McDonald’s was established in Des Plaines, Illinois, there are more than 30000 restaurants over 100 countries globally. It has been the largest fast service restaurant in the globe. The basic philosophy behind the successful operations of McDonald’s has been its belief that in order to be successful, the company should be quite flexible and adept to the societal changes (McDonald’s Corporation, n.d.). Hong Kong is considered as the “food capital of the world” and has over 10000 restaurants that serve food from all around the globe. The people of Hong Kong have a cosmopolitan taste. They love to eat and enjoy foods from all around the world. McDonald’s is one particular kind of restaurant that they love to visit. With the introduction of the McDonald’s restaurant in Hong Kong, there have been changes in the product of McDonald’s for the consumers of Hong Kong (White, 2005). Change management has been evident in McDonald’s of Hong Kong as well. McDonald’s basic menu was promoted by the franchise of Hong Kong while paying less attention to introduce the products that would be more recognisable and preferable to the Chinese consumers. The food has been quite indistinguishable from the food served in Moline, Illinois or Mobile, Alabama. McDonald’s also applied the conservative approach to its breakfast items. In the year 1980, when the morning service was started, American-style items such as eggs, pancakes, muffins and hash brown potatoes were not served. The local outlets served hamburgers and fries at a standard fare for breakfast then. Its first venture into the ‘early morning food market’ was so successful that Chairman Mr. Daniel Ng didn’t want to introduce the American-style breakfast items, with a fear that if there is shift in the menu then this might alienate the consumers who were beginning to consume hamburgers and fries as their regular diet. The change to American style food happened gradually and today it is evident that most of the Hong Kongers order for breakfast that is similar to the food items ordered by the Americans (Lechner & Boli, 2004). Future Changes It is evident that the lifestyle that is emerging in Hong Kong which can be best described as postnationalist, postmodern and flamboyantly transnational (Lechner & Boli, 2004). The world is changing at a rapid pace. The eating habits of the people are changing. The change may not only be evident in the eating habits of the consumers but also in the managerial culture in the organisation. The sources of change may come from the competitors of McDonald’s, Hong Kong. The major competitors are Cafe De Coral, Burger king and Subway Sandwiches. In order to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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