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Management - Diversity - Essay Example

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Gil Broochian Your Official Baruch College Email Address Diversity and diversity management are very important for all modern organizations, both for their public image and their success. A diversity training program should strive to obtain and educate the employees, among other objectives, the following: 1…
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Management - Diversity
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Download file to see previous pages Moreover, empathy can result in discouraging organizational subcultures to form. Subcultures ostracize those outside them, and a sense of superiority in those who form parts thereof, however, a little empathy, even if learned/forced, can go a long way in mutual respect, resulting in the discouragement of such subcultures to be formed. 2. Overcoming differences for effective teamwork: it is all but natural for organizational employees to have differences in their personalities and ideals. Effective and successful teamwork is a must-have in any organization’s operations. Often, teamwork is hampered when employees cannot overcome their differences, sometimes resulting in all out confrontations. An organization that fosters diversity needs to train its employees in ways to overcome their differences for effective teamwork, so that the organization’s operations can run successfully and smoothly. 3. Inclusivity of various different employees of the organization as much as possible: it is important that none of the employees feel sidelined in an organization, especially based on their personal differences (e.g. gender, class, ethnicity, religion etc.). Organizational work, as well as employee morale, is adversely affected if employees feel that the organization does not value them or their opinion. ...
ss dealings with abroad: whether it is the organizational employees inter se or organizational employees and organizational foreign clients, it is very important for them to be sensitive to the cultural differences and the nuances these differences bear. In inter-office dealings, cultural intelligence can lead to a friendlier work environment, where all employees feel their beliefs are respected; whereas in international dealings, cultural sensitivity and intelligence can result in success along with avoiding the organization embarrassment. There are myriads of ways to attain these objectives, however, some of them can include the following: 1. Just like other regular training workshops and seminars, training regarding diversity can also involve having guest speakers and lecturers, coming from diverse background to come and talk to the employees. These lectures/talks can involve various topics dealing with diversity and can help the employees gain a better understanding of problems facing the minority at work. 2. There can be an hour or two set aside, every two or four weeks, for employees to share their personal stories, where they relate their personal diversity experiences. Negative and positive both aspects should be equally highlighted. Just like there is a need for employees to learn what to avoid, they need to learn what would be a good thing to do in certain situations with regard to diversity. This can also foster a sense of inclusion in the employees, as well as make them feel that their voices are being heard. 3. An informal office party, where everyone is invited is a good idea, however, to make it more interesting (or more “diversity training efficient”) the employees can be asked to socialize/interact with those different than them once they are at ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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