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Application Paper Dances with Wolves - Essay Example

Dunbar speaks an American English while the Native American Indians speak the Lakota language. Upon comprehending Dunbar’s imitation of the buffalo, Kicking Bird states the Lakota word “tatonka.” Dunbar tries to utter such word but fails to pronounce it properly; Dunbar replies to the Indian chief with the English word “buffalo,” which implies that it is the equivalent word for “tatonka.” Moreover, language is deeply embedded in the culture or people who speak that language. When Dunbar notices his hat being worn by a big Indian man, he expresses his ownership of such hat and says, “That’s my hat!” The big Indian man replies in Lakota language that he found the hat on the prairie. Since the hat was laying idly on the open field, he intuitively thought that such hat was no longer useful for its owner. This episode, I believe, reflects a particular cultural trait of the Indian people: when a thing is no longer wanted, that could be kept or owned by another person if found in the open field. Convinced that Dunbar wants his hat back, the big Indian man gives his sheath and knife to the Anglo-Saxon American as an exchange or trade. Again, this is a kind of Indian culture: the culture of exchange. For white Americans, free trade requires volition from the parties involved. Following this American tradition, Dunbar should have first agreed voluntarily that a trade is possible between the two. But Dunbar wants his hat back; thus, in the white-American context, the Anglo-Saxon protagonist has the

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Dances with the Wolves by Michael Blake
The book traces the journey of the young soldier, (Lieutenant Dunbar), from a dignified army man to a passionate member of a Native American tribe. Courage and bravery, qualities which Dunbar possesses in ample measure, help him through many difficult life-or-death situations.
3 pages (750 words)Essay
Personal Application Paper
This is because you have not got all your priorities straight. To do this, we will need to talk through exactly what you want and how we are going to achieve it. The best way to come up with a career objective is to make a plan of where you want to go. This plan comprises four steps: setting your objectives, assessing your current position, evaluating your options, and putting your plan into action.
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Dances With Wolves
He dresses himself and horse rides in a suicidal route in front of the confederate picket line, yet somehow not only survives death but becomes a hero since he acted as diversion for a federal attack. He is told to choose his assignment and he picks to see prairie before it is all gone and posted to the Dakotas (Monroe 44).
3 pages (750 words)Essay
Compare Dances With Wolves (Costner film version) with The Searchers (John Ford film version)
Both of them are based on ethno-racial conflict between the Red Indians and the Native Americans who had been in vogue in the then US socio-cultural establishment since it had been the central idea of many literary pieces and movies during nineteenth and twentieth centuries.
3 pages (750 words)Essay
Individual application paper
Is he behaving unprofessional? Which managerial ethics does he possess? On the other hand, am I the one with the problem? Alternatively, am I a perfectionist? This is because of the recent happenings in the restaurant (Mind Tools, 2013). I don’t know whether to believe that I am right or Erick is right on this but Erick has never justified his actions to me.
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Computer & application reseach paper
The basic operation involved with the octopus cards is that they need to be placed closely with the octopus card reader and then a tone is heard from the reading device which ensures that
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Dances With Wolves
Instead of displaying a situation in which an arrogant US Army officer goes into a far Western post with the expectation of fighting Native Americans and showing little respect to their way of life, the films main character
2 pages (500 words)Essay
OPINION ESSAY: MOVIE DANCES WITH WOLVES (1990, Kevin Costner, and Graham Greene)
Lieutenant Dunbar appears to be going through hard times to an extent of wanting to take away his life. If Dunbar was living a good life as a soldier, why would he even cherish the idea of suicide? The theme of loneliness is evident when Dunbar reaches Dakota. In
2 pages (500 words)Essay
Dances with Wolves (1990)
The story revolves around Dunbar who becomes stranded in a military post in the American frontier where he was confronted with a group of Lakota Indians. This film is not only noted because it was extremely well projected by a first time director, but also the film has delved on various themes that are so much important for the Americans in this age.
4 pages (1000 words)Essay
Application Paper
Similarly, the firms need to use resources accordingly so that they stop emission of pollutants to the surrounding. Apparently, it is stated that individuals, companies and communities have to be contributory to put an end to the dilemma of caring for the
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right to own back his property. Based from the film, nonetheless, the culture of the Indian people was followed probably because of the setting (i.e., Indian territory) of the story. I have also experienced what Dunbar encountered with the Native American Indians. Well, it was not exactly Native Americans whom I spoke to but rather another person of different ethnic background. He was Asian: a Korean background. He spoke to me in English; however, his English was not the kind of English that I know of. Like Dunbar, he tried to express his thoughts the best that he could. Unlike Dunbar, however, he did not show to me, through action or imitation, of what he was talking about. On the other hand, there was movement in his hand in attempting to explain or explicate his idea. Although he used the language of English -- culturally, a language not his own -- his English somehow transformed into his “own.” The English that he uttered merely became an instrument in transmitting his


Of Language and Ethnicity: An Application Paper to the Film Dances with Wolves Between two ethnic identities, language is the most essential yet complicated element when it comes to potential communication. In their first meeting, Anglo-Saxon American John Dunbar finds it difficult to convey a message to Kicking Bird, an Indian chief, about a particular land animal…
Application Paper Dances with Wolves
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