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Substance use and mental health - Essay Example

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Substance abuse and mental health Usage of illegal substances is a major problem in modern world, illegal substances are broadly available, they are present in the modern art, television, culture, every day’s life and the most affected is the young population…
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Substance use and mental health
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"Substance use and mental health"

Download file to see previous pages The list of substances that are abused is broad and the method and route of administration also vary. The problem with abusing substances however is not present only in young population but is more diffusely distributed in all ages and social groups. Most common substance abuse found in the same statistical analysis in the general population ranging between age of 16 and 74, that was reported by the participants themselves was cannabis (in 24 %), amphetamines were tried or used by 7 % of the cohort group, 5% ever in their life used magic mushrooms, about 4 % of the cohort population ever in their life used or are still using ecstasy, cocaine, LSD, tranquilizers were used by 3% of the population, other volatile substances and gases were used in 1% of the population and other substances like crack, heroin, steroids were also present in about 1%. There are also other substances that were used but are not listed in this text. Also we must have in mind that this study was based on the self-report of the participants so there is a possibility for even larger prevalence of these substances if we consider the population that didn’t report abuse of substances. ...
iew Schedule CIS-R, where score above 12 is considered a sign of high probability for neurotic disorder in one person and in participants with score above 18 is considered that psychiatric treatment is necessary (Lewis et al, 1992). They also tested for disorders in the personality of the participants using the SCID-II (Semi-structured interview for making DSM-IV Axis II: Personality Disorder diagnoses). It is a set of questions that are completed by the participants in order to assess the personality disorder based on the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fourth Edition (DSM-IV). They also used Schedules for Clinical Assessment in Neuropsychiatry manual to asses for psychosis or more severe psychiatric disorder in the participants. Based on these examinations it was found that abuse of substances was more common in participants who tested positive in some of the screening tests that were used. It was found that 12 % of the people who scored 12 or above on the CIS-R scale (some type of neurosis) had abused substances in the last month before the survey compared to 5% of the other population. Among the specific neuroses it was found that participants with suspicion for obsessive-compulsive disorder had the higher incidence of substance abuse in the previous month (15%). Most significantly it was found that 32% of the participants that were suspected for presence of anti-social personality disorder was found that were abusing some substance in the previous month before the survey. In the group of participants that were diagnosed with psychosis or other major psychiatric disorder no significance in incidence of abusing substances was found. Based on this study we can conclude that neurosis, antisocial personality disorder, obsessive-compulsive ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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.... Generally, there has been a controversy raging on whether cannabis use leads schizophrenia or whether schizophrenia prompts an individual to use cannabis. A third possibility including both is also there. One assumption has been that “prodromal symptoms of schizophrenia lead to an increased use of marijuana (cannabis)” (Ross, 2008, p.81). It is suggested that “a contributory causal relation is biologically plausible because psychotic disorders involve disturbances in the dopamine neurotransmitter systems with which the cannabinoid system interacts, as demonstrated by animal studies and one human provocation study” (as cited by International Mental Health Research...
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...Sequence: Longitudinal Scalogram Analysis of Initiation and Regular Drug Use. Journal of Abnormal Psychology, 101, 441-451. Retrieved April 25, 2007 from psycArticle database. Elliott, D.S. 1994. Serious Violent Offenders: Onset, Developmental Course, and Termination--The American Society of Criminology 1993 Presidential Address. Criminology 32(1), 1-21 Retrieved April 25, 2007 from psycArticle database. Elliott, D., Huizinga, D., & Menard, S. (1989). Multiple Problem Youth: Delinquency, Substance Use, and Mental Health Problems. New York: Springer-Verlag. Feucht, T. E., Stephens, R. C., & Walker, M. L. (1994). Drug Use Among Juveniles arrestees:...
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...of Cannabis at the earlier age aggravates the risks of developing Psychosis and Schizophrenia. Bibliography: 4. Hambrecht, M. and Hafner, H. 'Substance use and the onset of schizophrenia' Biological Psychiatry 40, 1155-1163, (1996). 5. Imade, A.G.T. and Ebie, J.C. 'A retrospective study of symptom patterns of cannabis-induced psychosis' Acta Pyschiatrica Scandinavia 83, 134-136, (1991). 6. Jerrell, J. and Ridgely, M.S. 'Comparative effectiveness of three approaches to serving people with severe mental illness and substance abuse disorders' Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease ; 183, 566-576, (1995). 7. Cannabis use and mental...
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...and are regarded as a major public health problem in the United Kingdom. Dual diagnoses of substance abuse and mental disorders are among the most prevalent mental disorders worldwide. The mental disorders comprise mostly of schizophrenia, affective, anxiety, personality, or attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder. Research has shown that they place enormous burden on individuals and society and hence the nation (Copello, Graham, & Birchwood, 2001, 585-587). The common co-occurrence of psychiatric disorders with alcohol and drug use disorders is well recognized. The reasons for co-occurrence, the best methods to differentiate...
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...of the two constructs with regard to future drug use was investigated. The stability of reported mental health was relatively low. Accordingly, the variable was a poor predictor of future drug use. Sensation seeking, however, had a relatively high degree of stability. In addition, the different sub dimensions of the trait were strong predictors of future drug use: Disinhibition (DIS) was a general drug use factor in both sexes. Thrill and adventure seeking (TAS) predicted moderate alcohol consumption in boys. Experience seeking (ES) predicted cannabis use in boys. A separate analysis of those who seek a milieu highly exposed to...
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