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Paper 3 : Relationships Between Arts and Sciences - Essay Example

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Your Full Name Instructor: Class 16 February 2011 Relationships between arts and sciences. The arts and sciences of Europe have been well adapted by the Western world. Of these genre several have been utilized to date as evolutions. The innovation of modern physics, cinematography, and painting during the European era between 1895 and 1914 can be critiqued…
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Paper 3 : Relationships Between Arts and Sciences
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"Paper 3 : Relationships Between Arts and Sciences"

Download file to see previous pages This form of art employed the use of curvier lines with the use of vines, birds, women’s bodies, and flowers. It was a movement known as “new art” in Europe that lasted from the 1890’s until World War I. The concept of the art was to break down the barriers between all artistic views for paintings, sculptures, textiles, and even wallpaper (What is art nouveau, 2011). The Cinematographe was the first projection machine that allowed motion pictures to be filmed, processed, and projected while being mobile. It was created by Louis Lumiere in 1895. The innovation gave the uproar for film houses that allowed groups of people to enjoy (The history of the, 2011). The Special Theory of Relativity was introduced by Albert Einstein in 1905. It basically of predicts that “the measured speed of light is constant even if the source or observer of the light is moving”(The elegant universe, 2006). In the case of the theory there has to be two separate events. First the speed of light has to be constant and second the observer or source has to be subject to the same constraints. The Art Nouveau is similar to that of the Cinematographe because it is simply an innovation of the arts. New art created a platform that allowed individuals to incorporate art in all things and to create art out of all things. The projection machine established that motion pictures should be more available to individuals. By doing that the art of film was being created out of all surroundings. The machine also allowed individuals to film lengthier motion pictures. It is apparent that Nouveau art allowed artists to created works that were lengthier as well such as in three part frames. As for motion pictures being available to more individuals at one time, new art was stretched across genres. It was established in architecture, textiles, and several other things. There is also the concept that film is nothing more than the projection of several miniature photos streamed together to create the illusion of moving objects. Neither form allowed the artist to reach an audience verbally. Both creations have been significant in the arts and sciences of today with far and few differences. However, it is evident that Art Nouveau had the ability to express things with lively colors. Colors can be interpretive of feeling in many areas. Not being able to express feeling non-verbally on film with the projection machine might have created false interpretations. When discussing new art in terms of how it relates to the Special Theory of Relativity there needs to be a focus on constraints and era. Art Nouveau reached a point of Fauvism with use of bold and bright colors. It has to be a coincidence that Fauvism was used for decorative purposes to fill large amounts of space and create volume in a painting. Relating this to the speed of light and mobile observers it can be found that the speed of light remains constant depicting that length remains the same. In this case length always has corresponding volume. It is no secret that light has a lot to do with producing colors. If the Special Theory of Relativity is used with a prizm, then primary and secondary colors can be produced. Basically, the colors viewed on any painting are dependent on how the eye responds to the sun while in motion. The difference here is undoubtedly that the Special Theor ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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