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Alexandria Police Dept Intelligence Unit Proposal - Essay Example

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Alexandria Police Dept Intelligence Unit Proposal Abstract Securing an international accreditation by the commission on accreditation for law enforcement agencies, Alexandria police department has maintaining good professional status. Starts from 2004, the department is decentralizing its operations, and the process contributed to a decline in the effectiveness of communication among various investigative, operational, and administrative units…
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Alexandria Police Dept Intelligence Unit Proposal
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Download file to see previous pages At the same time serial crimes and organized crime groups can be detected more quickly and more cases can be solved. Programs like community relations and robbery awareness could be carried out which helps to improve public trust and confidence, which in turn strengthen the information management system. By decentralizing the model and establishing a coordinating council, process of intelligence work could be made more effective and reliable.  Introduction Alexandria has maintaining highly skilled, energetic, technically oriented, well-equipped police department and serving the people better. It has the strength of 320 officers and 138 administrative workers. Since 1986, the Alexandria police department has been internationally accredited by the commission on accreditation for law enforcement agencies (CALEA) which is a rigorous and difficult process, and has been reaccredited in subsequent years. By achieving this it has the professional status of law enforcement agencies worldwide, and now has a responsibility of maintaining this status (Police Department, 2011). The department has provided searchable online crime data through the city's online crime search engine, and citizens can view it using an online Geographic Information System (GIS). Adding, the department's model mainly relies on the usage of advanced technology. Starts from 2004, the Alexandria police department is in the process of decentralizing its operations, and is now operating in three locations. One is at headquarter building at 2003 Mill road, and the other two is in 2034 and 2900 Eisenhower Avenue. Decentralization of police function contributed to a decline in the effectiveness of communication among various investigative, operational, and administrative units. Information regarding new and emerging crime trends, patterns and neighborhood issues was often fragmented, which in turn fails to unite the department's resources and focus towards proactive and problem solving solutions. Joint efforts among all these units were also far more difficult to organize and manage (Police Department, 2011). More have to be done to improve communication and teamwork at all levels while increasing accountability and measure results on a regular basis. Increased communication among various operational and investigative units, teamwork, active participation, and accountability for results are to be the guiding principles of the department's process.   Crime trend in Alexandria Alexandria is the seventh largest and one of the highest income independent cities in Virginia. New town is largely populated by professionals those who are working with the federal civil service, or for one of the many private companies. On the other hand, the old town with its concentration of boutiques, restaurants, antique shops and theaters, is a major attraction for tourists. Alexandria has experienced a substantial decline in overall crime during the period 1970-2010, but has witnessed a significant increase in scams and white collar crimes such as credit card fraud, worthless check cases, and larcenies of GPS units from vehicles, thefts of dodge caravans, IPods stolen, and phishing phone calls (Brian Block, 2007). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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