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Depressive Disorders - Essay Example

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Depression: A Wake Up Call From Nature Name of the student and number Date submitted Introduction Depression has become one of the major problems in the competitive and stressful world of today. Desire to ‘reach the top’ quickly takes a toll on the mind and the body of people…
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Depressive Disorders
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Download file to see previous pages This paper discusses the case of Tina, a girl in her early twenties suffering from mental disorder. Tina’s case teaches us that it is high time that people consider depression as a wake up call and realize that the real meaning of life is found not in ‘reaching the top quickly’, but in unconditional life, happiness, contentment and healthy nourishing relationships. The Multiaxial System Depression is a condition which is very difficult to diagnose. People suffering from depression usually think that it is a ‘low phase’ and they will become normal once the phase is over. However, they fail to realize that the ‘low phase’ is ‘depression’ and it has a tendency of periodic relapse if not treated properly. In Tina’s case, one can see that people around Tina failed to realize that Tina was suffering from mental disorder. Even her friends and people at work failed to realize that Tina needed a professional help. For a mental disorder from getting severe, it is extremely important to understand the symptoms of the mental disorder and to plan a proper prognosis. However, for a proper prognosis, what is most important is accurate diagnosis of the disorder. The tool that has got recognition as an effective tool for making thorough diagnosis possible is ‘The Multiracial System’. ...
ntroduced in DSM-III when people working in the mental health field realized that the diagnosis of mental disorder is difficult and complex as it is interrelated with many internal and external factors of the patient’s life (Munson, 2001, p.69). Hence, to make the diagnosis easy, the multiaxial system was designed with every level in the system handling different factors of patient’s condition (Munson, 2001, p.69). Generally, Axis I and Axis II are used to record 340 mental disorders which were classified in the past as ‘neuroses’, ‘psychosis’ and ‘character’ disorders (Munson, 2001, p.71). Axis III is used to record the co-existing physical disorder (Munson, 2001, p.71). Axis IV is used to record environmental and social aspects of the disorder (p.85) and Axis V is used to record the functioning ability of patient in different areas of life (Dziegielewski, 2010, p. 86). The five levels are discussed ahead. Axis I Axis I is used to record the mental disorders which causes impairment of all areas of functioning in a person’s life (Munson, 2001, p.71). However, the disorders which are recorded in Axis I are those disorders which are the result of deficiency and limitations in psychological aspect of patient and hence, can be relieved with timely intervention (Munson, 2001, p.71). Hence, the clinical disorders which can be cured with the help of intervention are recorded in Axis I (Munson, 2001, p.71). The symptoms of the disorder recorded in Axis I are evident in the behavior and thinking pattern of person and hence, are easy to assess. In case of Tina, the symptoms were visible in sudden change in her behavior, lifestyle and thinking pattern. Tina is an active 23 year old female from Black ethnic background. She is separated from her husband of five ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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