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California Pizza Kitchen: - Essay Example

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California Pizza Kitchen is a very renowned fast food chain that is famous mostly for its California styled pizzas. This restaurant took its roots in Beverly Hills, California, by Rick Rosenfield and Larry Flax’s entrepreneurial qualities and ideas…
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California Pizza Kitchen:
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Download file to see previous pages Apart from this, the unique organizational structure (Pantalones) of the enterprise and its structured departmentalisation in the management of its human resources has added to its overall success and performance. Various aspects of California Pizza Kitchen’s culture, system, structure and people have been discussed further in detail. Keywords: California Pizza Kitchen, organization, structure, system, performance. Structure California Pizza Kitchen has a well made organised structural composition. If an efficient structure of organisation is followed, it leads to better decision making and performance, and it also helps to make smooth the control that managers have over the workings of the organisation. This organisation follows a functional structure of organisation where all the various departments report to a coordinating head. This involves various key areas including processing and producing the final products, taking care of raw materials as well as delivery of orders, not to leave out the people in charge of mediating between providing services to the customers. This helps to lead to a lot of occupational specialisation as each person gets more and more out of the tasks that he performs, and becomes a professional in the same. There is a lot of decentralisation within this organisation as well. The coordinating heads of the different departments, or the managers in charge of the main work, delegate authority to other workers who then have the accountability and responsibility to carry out the tasks at hand. For example, in the cooking area, the head chef bestows enough responsibility on the other workers in the kitchen to carry out tasks leading to the preparation of a pizza. When it comes to taking orders and delivering, phone calls are taken by a single person and then delegated to employees that are in charge of transporting the orders to the specified locations. Authority and formal modes of communication are followed between the managers and their subordinates. The employees or workers within each unit and branch are under the unit managers of the location. These managers work under the orders of area managers who are in charge of a number of units, and they report back to the main in charges or heads that look after the sales of the company. (Britt, Russ) There are a number of teams, committees and task forces within each unit of the organisation. Since decentralization plays a huge role, each worker has the right to participate in the functioning of the organisation. This gives them a better sense of belonging and collective feel and motivates them to work towards the organizational goal. Teams come up with targets that need to be met by the end of a single day, week, as well as collectively, in a month. Incentives are given to the best workers within each unit as well to motivate them further. The various task forces also have the ability to decide the routes that can be adopted, to order faster and better. Systems Planning is a pre-requisite to the efficient and effective functioning of any organization and much the same way, even in California Pizza Kitchen, budgets are set before so that work can be done in a proper manner. Systematic statements are revised in an item wise manner regarding the purchase of raw materials, as well as all the other elements that go into production including expenses, overheads, transport, stock holdings, etc. Meeting targets that have been set ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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