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Child Abuse - Essay Example

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A Case Presentation on Physical Child Abuse and Related Nursing Management Firstname Lastname Touro University Nevada School Of Nursing Abstract Children, as part of the vulnerable group, are repeatedly subjected to physical cruelty, resulting to a variety of physiopsychologic damages that are oftentimes irreversible…
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Child Abuse
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"Child Abuse"

Download file to see previous pages More importantly, the involvement of parents in their children’s healing process and reduction of violent risks are also examined closely. Through qualitative evaluation, outcomes of case study includes realization that both parties, the violated children and abusive parents, need to be critically assessed and, educated and treated, for risks of future physical abused to be eliminated. Moreover, the role of nurses in the whole process of care is vital in bridging gaps between perpetrators and victims of violence. In conclusion, children are not the only groups that need to be subjected to intense nursing assessment and management; the perpetrators (parents) are also included in the overall plan of nursing care in order to improve the rampant status of physical abuse in children. ...
Child abuse is a collective term frequently seen in community households. This is generally a form of maltreatment in vulnerable groups, such as young children and elderly individuals. As explained by Giardino and Giardino (2010), specific in most abuse is the “presence of an injury...(contracted) at the hands of his or her caregiver” (p. 1). In an abusive family, the parents are pointed out as culprits in the scene (Humphreys & Campbell, 2010). Hence, it is safe to say that during child abuse, their supposed protectors are the ones inflicting both physical and physiologic damage. In the advent of clinical and mental interventions, American Psychiatric Society (2004) emphasized that clinical priority in this is mainly centered on the victims. Yet, as this is also a family dispute, the involvement of the perpetrators in the holistic therapy is deemed important in the clinical setting. For this reason, the case presentation will focus on a thorough assessment in identifying the presence of abuse, as well as related nursing interventions targeting resolutions in the conditions surrounding child victims and their perpetrators. Basic Assessment Measures in Physical Abuse Child abuse is a difficult case to prove. The first step towards the process of keeping victims safe is “detection and identification,” a recognition that such incidents can happen in the community (Videbeck, 2010, p. 187). Hence, nurses involved in direct care of clients need to maintain an open mind and critical attitude in order to aptly identify risk factors increasing the likelihood of children suffering from physical abuse. In the nursing process of uncovering the truth, White (2004) suggests inclusion of both subjective and objective data ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Child abuse
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