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My Diet Analysis I. My nutrition analysis taught me a number of things about my diet in general. One of the most overarching elements I learned about my diet was where I stood in relation to the recommended dietary intake. In these regards I was surprised to discover that in many ways of diet was deficient in the necessary nutrient intake…
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My Diet Analysis
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Download file to see previous pages Finally, I realized my energy expenditure was significantly more than my calorie intake. This gave me room to enhance my diet to incorporate more food groups. II. Based on my original 5 day food log actual vs. recommended report there were a number of nutrients in my diet that I consumed less than or equal to 75% of the recommended daily intake. Among these nutrients in the calories category included overall calorie consumption (38%), calories from fat (23%), and calories from saturated fat (15%). Other nutrients that fell within this designated range included carbohydrates, sugar, and dietary fiber. In terms of fats there were a number that fell below this recommended range. These included saturated fat, mono fat, and poly fat. Other nutrients included cholesterol, water, vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B6, vitamin D, and vitamin E. In addition to these nutrients below the recommended daily intake, there was one nutrient – sodium – of which I consumed over 125% of my recommended daily intake. There are a number of ways that the foods in which I don’t meet the recommended intake, as well my overconsumption of sodium can adversely affect my health. In terms of my sodium consumption I am at risk of hypertension and heart disease (Farfan). In terms of the foods I am deficient in there are a number of diseases and risks I face. ...
In terms of carbohydrates I risk experiencing low energy levels. In terms of fiber deficiency I face digestion problems. Finally, in terms of my fat deficiencies I face the risk of skin, fingernail, and even menstrual problems. III. There were a great many foods in which my recommended daily intake was below. In thinking of three foods that are aimed at fulfilling these needs, I attempted to find foods rich in many of nutrients I was deficient in. As I was deficient in many of the vitamin B categories, I realize that I should add bananas and legumes to my diet as they would improve both vitamin B1 and B6 consumption (Daniellson). In meeting my monosaturated fat intake I could consume more olive oil with my main meals. As the only nutrient that I consumed over the recommended daily intake of was sodium, three foods that I could remove from my diet to lower my sodium intake include crackers, tuna, and hamburgers; in addition I could limit my general use of salt (Iannelli, 2010). IV. When comparing my original food log with my made up menus there were a number of elements I noticed that differed between the two food logs. One of the most pervasive differences I noticed between the two foods logs was that in the made up menu the calorie count was consistently higher in the made up menus. It’s clear this is an element of not being able to maintain a balanced diet because of a variety of factors related to daily commitments. In terms of specific improvements I believe that some of the major improvements noted were the consistency in meals. In these regards, the made up menus more consistently contained foods from the recommended food categories. For instance, these menus consistently contained a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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