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Global environment - Research Paper Example

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Global environment is one of the themes that has come under numerous discussions, arguments, and deliberation in the recent times of the twenty first century. The innovations and the escalation that the field of technology experienced coupled to the industrial revolution has made the globe a solitary platform…
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Global environment
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Download file to see previous pages Over the time, the elevation in the population rate declined the natural reservoirs. In other words, the natural resources are coming under intense pressure with its vast usage by the population that is creating a threat to the health of the entire population of the world. Moreover, it is also creating a warning sign for the social and economic development as well. This is due to the reason that natural reservoirs have come under consumption to the maximum level in the process of production as the inhabitants principally count on these resources the most, consequently, drastically impacting the environment on a global basis.
“However, one of the principal and leading challenges that the planet Earth and its entire human race is encountering while crossing the threshold into the twenty first century is the universal environmental pollution and the climatic variation that comes under alliance to it. In addition, this global environment wears and tears are in a continuation process, which has become one of the foremost and focal concerns in the today’s life”. The thought that the public are exploiting the nature and the resources in order to meet the current needs gives rise to the question that are the human beings of this world deteriorating the natural resources that is one of the major needs for the future as well. According to studies and researches, it has come to an observation the developing countries with an intention to improve the living standards of the common people, these economies are utilizing the natural resources more rapidly and in a much accelerated pace than they are restoring or redeveloping these resources. As an outcome of it, these developing nations are creating a permanent and irremediable damage to the natural resources. Moreover, with carrying out an unbearable growth and expansion for the natural resources, the humankind is encouraging and giving rise to the ecological disasters that contribute to deteriorate the environment on an enduring basis. Water shortages, soil exhaustion, air and water pollution, lack of forestland and trees, and degradation of coastlines are few of the instances that are the leading contributing factors that may badly affect numerous regions and districts of the world. The records and evidences divulge the piece of information that the twentieth century was the epoch that witnessed a revolution that resulted in the strange and bizarre environmental turmoil. The human creatures and their actions and doings are the chief and salient causes that triggered such environmental turbulence. However, the global environment has dramatically affected the lives of not only the human beings but also the other living creatures such as marine life, plants, animals and many other types of species. Moreover, these environmental risk and jeopardy embrace shift in average temperature and the weather, weakening of the ozone layer, ecological change, urbanization and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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