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The Appropriacy of a Foreign Language - Assignment Example

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The aim of this paper "The Appropriacy of a Foreign Language" is to elaborate on the importance and features of appropriacy of a foreign language. It is difficult for new learners to understand and use proper words of a foreign language because of the lack of proper knowledge and understanding. …
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The Appropriacy of a Foreign Language
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Extract of sample "The Appropriacy of a Foreign Language"

Download file to see previous pages A foreign language can also be described as a language not used in the indigenous country of the person referred to, i.e. a Chinese speaker living in England can say that he belongs to China so English is a foreign language to him. It is very difficult for learners of a foreign language to comprehend and correctly use all the features of appropriacy. Youngsters can learn a new language easily as compared to old ones because youngsters possess the ability to absorb or accept new things easily while older people are a little bit rigid and do not learn new things quickly (Liao, 2013).

Appropriacy is the state of precise and delicate suitability of expression or word to its context, regardless if it is chosen from synonyms (Archer, 2008). Appropriacy is very important for any language because it shows how competent a person is in using correct words when speaking or writing a foreign language. Proper understanding and correct usage of words and grammar are necessary to ensure the appropriacy of any language. Sometimes native people cannot speak their own language appropriately due to poor understanding of correct usage of words.

Furthermore, human needs many approaches and methods to learn a new foreign language, and these methods and approaches are changing with the passage of time (Shimura, & Ralph, 2009). We can easily examine that historically people were more conscious about the structure of language. By learning a foreign language we can easily communicate with people of that particular country. In recent time people speak different languages across the globe and every language has its own words and grammatical usage, approach, and importance. In order to speak any language fluently, we need a deep understanding of grammar because it is very important for speaking or writing effectively, by a proper understanding of grammar we can use accurate language. Proper usage of words creates proper speech and a good speech shows how the speaker is competent and charming.

Additionally, people cannot use accurate words or language all the time because human make mistakes.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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