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Reflective Account of Peer Teaching - Scholarship Essay Example

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This essay "Reflective Account of Peer Teaching" describes the author's reflection on the teaching experience using two different versions of the lesson plan with his peer. The reflection is about the experience of vocabulary teaching to the upper-intermediate English language learners he shared with his partner. This work outlines the necessary confidence to teach and the activity of the process…
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Reflective Account of Peer Teaching
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Extract of sample "Reflective Account of Peer Teaching"

Download file to see previous pages To achieve this, she used a cover book’s picture in the text. The objective of this exercise was to build students’ vocabulary. In the cycle stage of Version 1, my partner provided the students with an opportunity to exhibit their knowledge of the second language. My partner monitored the students as they answered the questions included in the task in front of each other. The lesson plan primarily included exercises that required students to form questions from the answers provided. The idea was to induce reverse thinking skills in the students. While designing Version 1 of the lesson plan, we thought that while reverse-thinking, students would come across a whole range of words to express their questions, but contrary to our expectations, students came up with questions that were relatively simpler and did not involve many difficult words. Such activity was clearly not best-suited to build vocabulary. Such exercises in which the students have to develop questions from answers are good for the development of correct grammar sense in them, but there is not much vocabulary building involved. My partner made a technical mistake that she printed different text and exercises on each paper and distributed them to all the students individually so that all students had different exercises and text. However, she made groups of two students each to do the exercises which were basically pointless as each student had different exercises and text. The tutor suggested my partner assign different exercises to different groups. The primary exercise in the post-task stage was for the students to hear the native speakers form the questions from the answers in the same way. This provided the students with an opportunity to compare their questions with those of the native speakers.
I conducted Version 2 of the lesson plan. In the pre-teach stage, I introduced the lesson to the students. I taught them a whole range of new words drawing upon the knowledge they already had. For example, the students knew the word ‘beauty’; I taught them how adding suffixes to it makes it an adjective i.e. ‘beautiful’. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Reflective Account of Peer Teaching Scholarship Essay, n.d.)
Reflective Account of Peer Teaching Scholarship Essay.
(Reflective Account of Peer Teaching Scholarship Essay)
Reflective Account of Peer Teaching Scholarship Essay.
“Reflective Account of Peer Teaching Scholarship Essay”.
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