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Teaching and presentation skills FOR NURSING AND SOCIAL WORK SKILLS - Assignment Example

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I will use Gibbs reflective model to examine how I prepared and delivered a lesson on Direct Payments using teaching and presentation skills. I have opted for…
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Teaching and presentation skills FOR NURSING AND SOCIAL WORK SKILLS
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Extract of sample "Teaching and presentation skills FOR NURSING AND SOCIAL WORK SKILLS"

Download file to see previous pages I will evaluate and analyse my teaching practice using SWOT analysis in order to understand the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of my teaching practice.
The first stage of Gibbs Model is description which requires me to describe the situation or event I dealt with. I was required to deliver a lesson using teaching and presentation skills. The lesson I selected for this purpose was on Direct Payments. The aim of my lesson was to enable the students to explore the idea of Direct Payments and to provide them a guideline about how payments are arranged and supported within councils. The experience of teaching was quite new to me yet I decided to work hard. To build up confidence for the task I studied extensively and prepared attractive teaching aids. I studied all the important aspects of Direct Payments and prepared my notes for the lesson. Using these notes I made some colourful slides containing all the important points of the lesson and some diagrams showing the direct payment procedures. In order to make my teaching effective I also prepared the case study notes and handouts.
I presented well to my peers, but I was very nervous due to stage fright. The first two minutes of the presentation were really hard since I was feeling anxiety. I was conscious about the facial expressions of my students who were in reality my peers. However, to hide my nervousness I kept my voice a bit loud and held my hands on the dais in order to appear calm and confident. In the beginning I was not quite sure about how the students and my evaluators felt about my lesson but with the passage of time I became more confident and delivered the whole lesson within the prescribed time. The response of my peers or students was quite encouraging which was evident from their high level of interest and good class participation. Their positive response made me feel more confident and self-assured.
The third stage in Gibbs (1988) model of reflection is evaluation in which I am ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Teaching and Presentation Skills FOR NURSING AND SOCIAL WORK SKILLS Assignment.
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