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English in Academic Settings - Multimodal Discourse Analysis - Research Paper Example

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This paper "English in Academic Settings - Multimodal Discourse Analysis" focuses on the fact that multimodal discourse analysis is a technique that helps analyze discourse that focuses on the interpretation of meaning through the use of different modes of communication apart from language. …
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English in Academic Settings - Multimodal Discourse Analysis
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Extract of sample "English in Academic Settings - Multimodal Discourse Analysis"

Download file to see previous pages With multimodal discourse analysis incorporating overlapping styles, analysis of different genres has been made possible. An analysis of this aspect means that different semiotic modes can be analyzed. The interpretation of the body and even culture can be discussed. In multimodal discourse analysis, decentralization of language takes a huge percentage as there is more to discourse analysis despite the language.

As seen in the research conducted by Machin (2007), multimodal discourse analysis involves both microanalyses that is incorporated in interactional sociolinguistics and macro analysis that focuses on the discourse of social agents. Multimodal discourse analysis, therefore, allows for an appreciation and evaluations of other modes of communication such as gestures, and body movements that have been said to construct personal identities just like written language. The construction of identities is, therefore, all-inclusive and cannot be discussed only in terms of linguistic ability.

This essay will discuss the effect of multimodal discourse analysis in the analysis of the film. Most importantly, the essay will assess the main expectations of the multimodal discourse analysis unit and the efforts put to meet the set expectations.

For this semester, I took the Discourse and language teaching unit. Through the unit, I have widened my skills in various forms of discourse and how they can be applied in the course of language. As far as the course outline is concerned, the faculty aimed at making sure that learners get the opportunity to understand the approaches that help analyze both written as well as spoken discourse (Discourse and Language Teaching course outline, 2014). It is also through the outline that the faculty required that the learners comprehend numerous ways in which discourse can be applied in the language classroom setting (Discourse and Language Teaching course outline, 2014).

I have to confirm to the fact that I enjoyed conducting research on aspects such as identity and discourse, the pragmatics of discourse analysis, discourse, and forms of the genre, conversations, and discourse, multimodal discourse analysis, and even critical discourse analysis.    ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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