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The Role of English Language in Global Communication - Literature review Example

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The purpose of the review is to discuss the phenomenon of domination of the English language in the cultural nature of texts around the world. Furthermore, the writer of the document investigates how this development has affected the population of the US and the UK…
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The Role of English Language in Global Communication
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Extract of sample "The Role of English Language in Global Communication"

Download file to see previous pages It is not a secret that people use English as a lingua franca; it is considered to be normal for people from absolutely different backgrounds and cultures to learn English in order to find their place in an English-speaking global community. Non-native speakers who use English as their second language get access to English texts which can be challenged only by Spanish and Chinese in their quantity (Sergeant). At the same time, people can use their native languages to live a local life in their community, but they will be limited in their life opportunities. They will struggle to have normal live beyond their community because they will not be able to communicate with other people effectively.
English history in the world is based on colonialism with its all consequences. English colonies were obliged to accept the culture of their metropolis as a high standard of aristocracy, power, and civilization while their local traditions and languages were oppressed and sometimes forbidden. It is believed that destroying local cultures, colonists made colonized people more obedient and less capable of rebelling against their power. For instance, in India, which was the biggest English colony, people still treat colonial style with great dignity as their own past.  The rule of colonies was simple; colonized people had to know the language and culture of their colonizers while they were not obliged to speak primitive languages of their colonies. 
Even though colonies do not exist today, the rule remains the same and it applies to relations of non-English native communities and the USA & UK. For instance, nobody would even talk about Haruki Murakami if his texts were not translated into English. French comedies will never be popular with the world audiences without being translated from their original language. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Role of English Language in Global Communication Literature review.
(The Role of English Language in Global Communication Literature Review)
The Role of English Language in Global Communication Literature Review.
“The Role of English Language in Global Communication Literature Review”.
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