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Explore how the theme of suffering is presented in Out, Out and Disabled - Coursework Example

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Human beings, despite their intelligence and the faculty of free will to take informed decisions, always have engaged in activities that harm one another. Though such attitude may perhaps serve some vested interest, but will cause ravages to humanity as a whole. However, in…
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Extract of sample "Explore how the theme of suffering is presented in Out, Out and Disabled"

Download file to see previous pages The poem shows him sitting in a wheelchair and pondering over his past, comparing it with his present. Since the poem has been written in 1917, it can be construed that the author is referring to World War-I. On the other hand, the poem, “Out, Out” (1916), written by Robert Frost speaks of the suffering of a young boy, who accidentally gets his hand chopped off while cutting logs with a buzz saw in his yard and subsequently succumbs to his injury in a hospital. This poem does not refer directly to the war but it symbolizes the turmoil of World War-I, as can be deciphered from the time it is written. Both poems illustrate the theme of human sufferings through the anguish of the young protagonists, as a consequence of war, though they are different on many perspectives.
The young man in Owen’s poem has been a football player, who often enjoyed the pleasure of “being carried shoulder-high” by his fans, obviously after he wins a match or scores a goal.1 He reminisces about the slimness of the girls’ waist and the warmth of “their subtle hands” that he has cherished in the past.2 Later, he gets drafted in the army, apparently out of a youthful fancy for adventure rather than as a result of a mediated decision. Due to an injury, his limbs are amputated and he gets relegated to a wheelchair. Owen chooses the theme of the perils of war to depict the extent of suffering it can inflict on humans. By using an anonymous character, the author alludes to the fact that his case is just one among many. On the other hand, the young boy in Frost’s poem is not a hero, nor he had gone to wars or laid girls. However, he endures the same kind of suffering that the former does, by the so called quirk of fate. His suffering primarily has derived from a lack of care on the part of his family, which comes in the form of his hard work, sawing logs. But he also suffers, from a different perspective of having to assume higher ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Explore How the Theme of Suffering Is Presented in Out, Out and Coursework.
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