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Defining Translations that Build Boundaries - Literature review Example

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This work called "Defining Translations that Build Boundaries" describes the concept of translation and boundaries that can occur. The author focuses on the stories "Interpreter of Maladies", by Jhumpa Lahiri, and "Dictee" by Theresa Cha, creating a boundary between identities. …
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Defining Translations that Build Boundaries
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Extract of sample "Defining Translations that Build Boundaries"

Download file to see previous pages When interpreting the two stories, it can be seen that the desire to translate and understand the different languages creates boundaries and divisions between the characters in the stories.
The definition of boundaries is one that is noted in both of the stories and creates the limitations between characters and relationships which are formed. The concept of boundaries is one that is defined by the unknown. The unknown to the different characters is based on the misunderstanding of culture, language, and the regions in which the individuals are in. From the unknown, there is a desire to create a definition of what things should mean. The translation becomes the main concept of boundaries, specifically because as things are translated, it is interpreted with a different definition or as an association to another language or culture which one identifies with. The boundaries which are created are based specifically on the division which occurs with definitions and the loss of meaning between words when interpreted by other’s ideas.
When there is an exchange between the cultures or ideas, then the boundaries are created, specifically because the perspective and understanding is one which begins to differ between the different individuals. The concept of defining boundaries is seen with the simple gestures as well as the actions which the characters take. For instance, in Lahri’s book, Mr. Kapasi describes his translation of greetings. This shows an immediate lack of interpretation and definition because of the cultural boundaries which are created.
“Mr. Kapasi was accustomed to foreign tourists; he was assigned to them regularly because he could speak English….When he’d introduced himself, Mr. Kapasi had pressed his palms together in greeting, but Mr. Das squeezed hands like an American so that Mr. Kapasi felt it in his elbow. Mrs. Das, for her part, had flexed one side of her mouth”.
This particular quote shows how there are immediate boundaries between the cultures, specifically from the first greeting that occurs between the individuals.  The greetings by each are accepted; however, Mr. Kapasi also narrates this as a disinterest in the culture or a feeling in the elbow that is uncomfortable.  The boundaries are then created through even the translation of greetings between each of the cultures. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Defining Translations that Build Boundaries Literature review.
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Defining Translations That Build Boundaries Literature Review.
“Defining Translations That Build Boundaries Literature Review”.
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