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Climb to the Summit - Essay Example

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An author of the essay "Climb to the Summit" discusses the point that he was absolutely sure that every goal, every dream, and every point, which he marked out for becoming a happy person, would be attained and represented in his real life undoubtedly…
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Climb to the Summit
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Extract of sample "Climb to the Summit"

Download file to see previous pages Being the merely naive kid, I thought that I would make my dreams come true without any obstacles or difficulties and any reflections about possible ways to achieve my plans. Everything seemed to me plain and easily accessible. According to my childish vision, the only thing that you should do is just to want something to come to your hands… and here it goes. But only now, having accumulated the specified number of different disappointments into my pockets, I realize how wrong I was then. The success of your goal does not depend only on your desire to achieve it, but also some impediments that may appear on your way during a fight for the best results. And the most important thing is to comprehend these obstacles, accept the possibility of their occurrence and, no matter what, find the strength to follow your dreams. I believe that each of us understands the meaning of “success” differently, though the general intention to have it in own life is frequently tremendous. In my opinion, the successful person is the one who defines a goal and achieves it despite all mishaps, fallings, and failures. This person should be confident in own strengths, purposeful, resolved, morally strong, sometimes courageous and always hardworking. The successful person is usually a human-being with a merit, due to his concrete acknowledgment of what the costs and deserves. First of all, I am talking about a man with a strong will, who does not afraid of difficulties and never allows himself to give up. In this respect, for me, success is achieving defined goals with a help of own strength and efforts. If a person has a specific plan and concrete ways of its implementation, only then, in case of own dedication of marked course, he is able to attain success. There are a lot of successful people all over the world, but I admire the personal history of Mark Zuckerberg, computer programmer and founder of such widely spread social network as Facebook. Not so far he was a modest student, but today he is an owner of enormous wealth and general recognition. Mark’s history had been depicted in the movie, which was released in October 2010. His whole way from fortuity of idea’s creation to its realization and obtaining of glory was revealed in this movie. This guy seems to be the very purposeful person, who from the start knew what he wanted and did everything for getting it. Mark was always fond of programming, actually, it was his life. He managed to define initial goals and elaborate methods to attain them. He made significant work for reaching real success. Now he has everything, but there were times when he could only dream about today’s luxury. Mark Zuckerberg showed an ability to transfer fantasies into reality. I think that is the main characteristic of the successful person. For being able to reach success everyone should have several features in character, which some people get by nature and others may work themselves out with an aim to obtain them later on. It is essential to realize that for a dream anyone is able to change himself. For example, if you are a shy person, you always may compel yourself to overcome your embarrassment and if you fail to do it then it means that you just do not try hard enough. It is the very simple concept, but its comprehension may cost a lot, managing to bring drastic changes to your lifestyle. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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