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Statement of Goal that Outline Professional Interest for Graduate School - Admission/Application Essay Example

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This paper stresses that hold the position of Director of Faculty Affairs in the College of Liberal Arts and the reporter's decision to seek Masters degree in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies in Higher Education program is not exclusively based on his undergraduate choice of study…
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Statement of Goal that Outline Professional Interest for Graduate School
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Extract of sample "Statement of Goal that Outline Professional Interest for Graduate School"

Download file to see previous pages Faculty Affairs involves enforcement and monitoring of all policies related to faculty affairs which includes those in the Faculty Handbook, tenures and promotions, policies for tenure-line faculty, hiring procedures, policies for tenure-track and non tenure-track faculty, supporting department chairs in their policy alignment for understanding externally funded research, accounting for externally funded research as it intersects with faculty employment contracts and providing assistance in evaluating the progress of junior faculty through the trajectory period up to tenure. Hence given the nature of my job earning a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership will serve to enhance my competency skills. Additionally, I also believe that this programme would make me a better, stronger individual and help me to become a visionary leader and instill within me an ability to deal with and resolve current issues and controversies in the field of higher education. As I am already part of a specialized field in the College of Liberal Arts I can also provide a value-added perspective and knowledge base to the Master’s programme.
Despite the fact that I have been in the field of higher education administration for twelve years, I strongly believe that there is a lot more learning to do and in turn, I could apply the learning to my work. It is extremely important for people in the field of education to constantly update themselves and try to bring a new perspective to the educational system. A degree in educational leadership will definitely help me better my future career advancements; though my ultimate aim is to earn a doctorate degree in the same field and design faculty development programs which would strengthen and advance the competencies of the faculty at the College of Liberal Arts, where I am presently working, and in other places as well.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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