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Desires, Perception and How to Put Them to Action - Essay Example

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This paper is an autobiographical essay about a significant person in the author’s life, a person the author feels comfortable presenting to others, and one that will lead readers to reflect on their own lives or on the differences between their personal experiences and the author's own…
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Desires, Perception and How to Put Them to Action
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Extract of sample "Desires, Perception and How to Put Them to Action"

Download file to see previous pages From the paper, “Desire is key to action, Perception is key to desire, And Learning is key to perception”. Observing these lines every day in my eleventh standard classroom, I often wondered aloud: Is whatever written here is true? If this statement is followed up, will I really get what I really desire? From where does each attribute described here come? What is the real essence of these lines? And time and again I would just wonder aloud and then forget about it, thus falling back to the ruts and crevices of daily life. I never ever seriously gave a thought to these lines. For me, it was just a quote dangling from the ceiling. I couldn’t perceive the depth and strength of the quote then. I know now. This was the last lesson I had from my granny. However, before you start wondering about me and my whereabouts, let me introduce myself to you. I am Rose. A twenty-eight-year-old – petite, lean female with an attractive body and beautiful facial features. The most striking feature of my personality is my smile. There are rare moments where anybody would find me not smiling. Because of my never-ending, charming and genuine smile my friends named me ‘La Allegro’ – meaning ‘a cheerful person’. It’s a gift from my grandmom. So let me introduce to you the most persuasive significant other of my life, who have shaped my life: my grandmom - Pearl. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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Desires, Perception and How to Put Them to Action Essay.
“Desires, Perception and How to Put Them to Action Essay”, n.d.
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