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Chekhovs The Bet and the Tolstoys How Much Land Does A Man Need - Coursework Example

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The study "The Lies We Tell Ourselves and Call Them Truth" gives information about the outlines for  “The Bet” by Anton Chekhov and “How Much Land Does a Man Need?” by Leo Tolstoy. Reportedly, the main theme of Chekhov's book is the arrogance of having wealth of having youth come together in a bet…
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Chekhovs The Bet and the Tolstoys How Much Land Does A Man Need
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Extract of sample "Chekhovs The Bet and the Tolstoys How Much Land Does A Man Need"

Download file to see previous pages While Chekhov uses nearly pure realism to unwrap an irony, Tolstoy wraps an irony in allegory told in a realistic fashion. Thus in different ways both expose the lies we tell ourselves and call them the truth.
Both stories begin with a debate between two persons; however, one develops into a bet between those persons who become the main characters, while in the other the persons debating serve only to reveal the theme and then disappear as the allegory takes hold and spins that theme into a story. Although the actual stories themselves are quite different, their messages expose the same lie that happiness and freedom can be sought and found in having more wealth.  While in “The Bet” the initial presence of wealth becomes its own snare for the characters, in “How Much Land Does A Man Need?” it was the continued acquisition of wealth that caught the main character, Pahom, in its deadly net. (Tolstoy, final chapter)
      Pahom begins as the peasant husband of the younger sister embroiled in a competitive dispute with her older sister, the tradesman’s wife.  He is listening to their debate and, at the point when his thoughts concluded, “If I had plenty of lands, I shouldn’t fear the Devil himself!”, (Tolstoy, chapter 1). He becomes the symbol of everyman in the allegorical tale that from that point unfolds. The story of Pahom and his “tussle with the devil is told with realistic language and detail, reserving any expression of feelings for the last two chapters, when those are drawn in to heighten the drama of the climactic conclusion. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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